Follow up question on clothing

ok, so a while ago, I was posting about my scrupulosity in regards to clothing for men and women.

the concensus was that women and men wear clothing made for their sex, even if they resemble each other, I;e. women’s pants vs men’s pants

but what about having to shop in the department of the opposite gender? for example most women’s sizes are usually too big for me so I often have to look in the boys section for similar clothing items, such as jeans, hoodies, sweatpants etC…

wouldn’t this now be wearing clothes of the opposite gender?

I am a big woman and often have to wear men’s clothing, especially socks and shoes. I dress modestly and I have no confusion about my gender. I look and feel like a woman.

I just ordered a man’s coat on KingSize and a pair of boots. I am considering also ordering for myself some flannel plaid shirts.

My friend, I think you worry too much.


Why would you have a qualm about buying a garment that fits you well and properly…in whatever department it is to be purchased? Sweatpants are sweatpants, for example, and are a unisex garment.

Buying jeans, hoodies etc from the mens department is not dressing as a man…its simply buying clothing that fits…after all when you wear it you still have the appearance of a female right? aren’t buying and wearing them to give yourself the appearance of a male…so I dont see any problem as they are clothes that females wear anyway…

No, my dear.

I wear men’s athletic shoes now, because they are wider and fit better than the ladies’ sizes do for me. I wear whatever is comfortable for me. :slight_smile:

NO. Buy what’s practical and fits you properly. There’s no such thing as a woman’s pair of sweatpants. Likely the men’s sweatpants are cheaper anyway.
Also, you could look for shops that specialize in petites if it bugs you. They exist. But honestly, it doesn’t matter and no one bats an eye at it.

Please stop Angel. Get help. This is beyond scrupulous. There is NOTHING preventing you from wearing clothes from the boy’s department or girl’s department. The Church has NO teaching on this.

You keep posting over and over on women’s clothes. You need to get help from your pastor. Your scruples are not going to go away without professional help.

Don Ruggero, Angel has posted many, many threads on the topic of whether it is a sin for women to wear pants. It took a lot of convincing to help her understand it is not.

She has some serious scruples and has read some of the Old Testament verses regarding men and women not wearing clothing of the other. This troubles her greatly.

Part of that may be because she is visually impaired (blind) and therefore cannot understand what we take for granted in this realm because we can see, many clothes today are in fact unisex.

I hope I did not come across as uncharitable. Having in the past been the victim of scruples, I know the agony they cause. I feel concern for Angell and hope she finds peace.

I have a friend who has to buy men’s jeans to get a fit in the waist. She always wears an over-blouse and no one can tell the difference. Mostly she tries to find pants with an elastic waistband to just pull on. I highly respect people who take extra effort in their appearance. God bless.

Don’t overthink this. If the clothes that fit you better are from the men’s department, it’s perfectly ok for you to buy them there. I have bought sweatshirts and hoodies from the men’s department because they were better made than those I found in the women’s department. It really is no big deal.

well, actually, I was just wondering, since you were the one who said that men and women don’t wear the other sex’s attire, when I fact, we do. i.e. unisex clothing, buying from the men’s section

unless you meant something else

Women’s dresses and men’s business suits are “the other sex’s attire” in the US/Canada. Those are specific to men and women. They have a social and cultural connotation.

In other countries there may be garments that are specific to men or women, but not both.

In the US/Canada there is a whole range of attire that is unisex-- jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, athletic attire.

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