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Ive been notified that I’ve made the maximum number of comments for the next 24 hours, so I cannot reply my thanks to all of you who have responded (or will be responding!) to my earlier question. That said:

Thank you all for your advice, input, answers, etc. I am reading all of the comments and they are all helpful in shaping my view of Catholicism! I will also be posting a follow up on the original post (if possible) after I have attended the Mass.

Please feel free to continue to add to the original post or this one, since I am open and receptive!

Thanks again, everyone!


Remember that you are assisting the priest in the mass.

Remember that there is:
1)Real presence Sacrament- Jesus is 100% truly present. Jesus is present on earth!
2)Sacrifice Sacrament-
3)Holy Communion Sacrament

Listen to Fr. John Hardons talks on the Eucharist, simply amazing!


You can also remember that you are going to mass with the intention of loving God and your neighbor, not to get but to give. Also, examine your conscience and be sorry for your sins. And lastly ask your guardian angel to help you concentrate on the mass. You can offer up the mass for others as well and those who have died,


@addlib I hope you find the Mass to be a good, prayerful experience. Please feel free to ask questions and learn more about your fellow Christians.


It’s good to hear from you. (I saw your earlier question too and read many answers.)

Welcome to Catholic Answers Forums.


You came to mind at Mass tonight. I think you are going to be awe struck with the actual experience. I look forward to your reaction.


Thank you for your kind words and support! I’m looking forward to experiencing the Mass on Monday, and I’ll be sure to post again afterwards! :slight_smile:


Our pastor treats all in attendance like first-time guests. Before Mass, he makes sure everyone is aware of the availability of “worship aids” the weekly bulletin, and how the song board functions. We tend to forget such things at this parish it seems.


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