Following court ruling, Marquette says it will reinstate professor it fired in flap over gay marriage debate


The professor was fired by Marquette University after he accused a graduate student of refusing to allow undergraduates to express opposition to gay marriage during her class. He had a recording of this happening.

According to its own mission statement Marquette University is a Jesuit, Catholic university. This university is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the U.S.


The case is more complicated than it appears. While his criticism was valid, it wasn’t cool to call her out and link to her web page from his blog post.


Bravo to the court
It is unfortunate that the administrators are not held personally liable.


No, and while I applaud schools for taking professors to task (as seldom as they do), it would have been nice if they had punished both parties initially rather than single him out.

Still, his argument about her information being in the public domain obviously had legal merit, and she was apparently way out of line in her “teaching.”


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