Following my Vocation as a Brigittine Monk


I am hoping to join this group of contemplative monks known as the Brigittine’s within the next six months and I am very excited! I visited three different contemplative Monasteries and out of all of them the Brigittine’s were the one’s I fell in love with. It was like I had gone home to a family I had never met before. Mostly I just wanted to post something up about the Brigittine Monk’s because they are the only one’s in the world, and I find that to be amazing! Is there anyone else out there that feels like they’re on the right path?


I felt the same way when I attended my first Secular Fransican meeting. Lovely feeling, isn’t it. :slight_smile:

However, I did find out later that fraternities are like families - there are a few that make one wonder why they joined. :eek:

If you are joining the Oregon Brigittines, watch out for their killer fudge - it’s VERY rich!


I’m very happy for you! I hadn’t heard of the Brigittine Monks before, so I looked up their website and read about their daily lives. It looks wonderful. I see that they support themselves by making gourmet fudge, how interesting is that!

I don’t know about the right path, I’m in my 50s - but I’m happy and a new Catholic as of last Easter, and I thank God for bringing me to the Church. I hope that your plans all come to fruition and that you feel completely fulfilled in your vocation. God bless you. :slight_smile:


I’m a convert too! It’s not so easy with a protestant family but the truth is too important to ignore. I actually got to help make fudge while I was there and it was a fun/interesting process. It’s actually a funny story how I heard about them. In high school one of my teachers stopped by after a field trip on our way back to the school and we all got to try the fudge. Who would’ve guessed that I would be called there in my vocation. If you haven’t tried the fudge I really recommend ordering some, my favorite is their pecan praline with the amaretto chocolate as a close second. They are a great group of guys who’s spirit of hospitality rivals the Benedictines. I would love to see their order grow, but God’s will be done.


How amazing is that, that you heard about them in high school - it was meant to be. Thanks for the fudge recommendations, I wonder if they ship abroad? :smiley:

I see that they have a house called Syon Abbey in my birth country of Devon, England - I’m glad you have brought them to our attention, I’ll read a bit more about the Brigittines now. .


Yep, Syon Abbey is one of the female Briggitine houses. The monks and the sister seem to be pretty tight nit.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your vocation.


Syon Abbey in the UK no longer exists; it closed about 3 or 4 years ago. It was the last surviving community belonging to
the original Brigittine Nuns. The were fully cloistered. Some new communities have come into existence but they are only semi-contemplative or apostolic. The Diocese of Tyler,
TX has a new diocesan-approved Association of the Faithful in the process of forming.
It will be, for now, a semi-cloistered community using the 1962 Liturgical Books for Holy Mass & the Divine Office. Their email is:


I am getting to know just the feeling you describe.

I still have a few small issues to work out with my community. When I was searching for the right way of life, I got exhausted because I couldn’t find it. One community is on fire for Christ and amazing evangelizers, but they’re too intellectual for me. Another is a beautiful and ancient order with a world renown spirituality, but their mass isn’t the type I like (I’m picky about my liturgy. If I’m going to spend the rest of my life in a cloister, I need it to have a liturgical life that I can spend hours with.)

Then I found the Carmelites. They’re perfect. They fit everything I’m looking for. Now to visit. I imagine it will feel like my hand going into a glove that was specifically made for it.


First of all, that is so sad to hear about Syon Abbey:imsorry: I hate to hear about Abbey’s and Monasteries closing down. Secondly to LatinByzCath, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fit. I thought I was called to the Carmelites too but my Spiritual Director convinced me to visit a few different places. I will say that the Brigittine’s were the one group I thought I would never be called to and yet I fell in love with their priory. You never know where God is going to lead you.


I believe that Syon Abbey was the last one of the brigittine Nuns in England.I seem to recall they also had some monasteries in Spain.I am refering to the original order founded by St.Bridget of Sweden…
There is also currently an attempt to revive the Gilbertine Order .They were founded by St.Gilbert of Sempringham in the Middle Ages and had houses for men and women.


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