Following the Covington story


Since the original thread closed, the story is very much ongoing, Catholics are directly involved and since nobody else started a new thread, figured I would. If we all stay respectful, maybe it’ll run for a while?
I for one will try to speak with a measure of respect for Nathan Phillips. I do hope we learn more about his motives.


How is the story ongoing? What’s left to discuss?


Maybe you should check out the other thread already going on about how the drumming Indian is not all he claims to be. That was news to me.


I operated under the assumption that he was operating with the best motives. In fact both sides.

But when Mr Phillips chose to disrupt a Mass as the Basilica, I lost all respect for him.

That is NOT the behavior of a person seeking to make peace and to diffuse tense situations.

I am Irish. I recognize that no level of cultural pain is the same as another groups, but I will claim that the deprivations forced on the Irish by the English over the centuries are of a similar scope and magnitude as those forced on the Indigenous Peoples in the US.

But no level of cultural pain would give me the right to disrupt an Anglican service. None. Not ever.

I would not gain entitlement to disrupt such as service if a teen in a bowler and orange sash smirked a me ( Google “Orange Lodge” for anyone who does not understand the reference).

Such an incident would NOT give me the right to disrupt a Anglican church during their services at all, least of all banging a bodhran and singing the Memorare in Gaelic.

Not only that, any claim that I would have to being a peace maker to be diffusing a tense situation would vanish.

Yet Nr Phillips thought that he was justified to do much the same to a Catholic Mass.


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