Font Problems in Search on Browser


On the web page below :

I typed “CTRL F”
To bring up the search feature on my browser, Firefox.
If I attempt to type in ‘aquinas” after typing “aq”
It immediately brings up RED (non-existent combination for all text on this page.)

But this should not be the results since “Aquinas” is mentioned several times.
If I copy “Aquinas” as it appears in text on the web page,
And paste that into browser search feature the results quickly appear.

I am inclined to conclude that “q” is different from the font “q” as it appears in my typed “q” from my keyboard.

Can use a font for “q” that is independent and not specific to your font for search purposes ?



This is probably because on long threads, the website loads on demand only maybe 10-20 replies at a time. In other words, it may say 67 replies, but only 10-20 are actually on the page at a time. As you scroll, it dynamically loads different replies depending on where you are at on the page. Instead of using the browser search, use the website search with the checkbox for “Search this topic”. That will give you a list of replies that contain that word. For example, it showed me 4 replies have Aquinas in that thread. For me, Ctrl+F automatically opens up the website search, not browser search. If it doesn’t happen automatically, you can click the little question mark at the top of the page to access it manually.


Thanks Jared.
You solved the problem I was having.
That little magnifying glass at the top is my new friend now. lol.


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