Food, Inc. Documentary Film in Your City

**Documentary film **just came out, Food, Inc. In theatres all across America. A must see for anyone concerned about how they feed their family. How we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last ten thousand…

That’s a great tagline! Looks very interesting… I might have to check it out :thumbsup:

In my opinion, Food Matters is a much better documentary. Just thought I’d share.

I have not seen Food, Inc. yet. (In theatres now.) Have you seen it? Is **Food Matters **on video? Where do you get it?

According to Box Office Mojo, Food, Inc. is only showing in 135 theaters in the entire US. So it may be hard to find. On the other hand, this is an increase in 23 theaters from the week before and the film is now in its seventh week of release, so it may be catching on.

The movie critics are unusually positive about this film.

Thanks Dale M, for the rottentomatoes resource!!! Only in 135 theatres–I didn’t know that. If it does well in those theaters it will probably expand to others. One theater in my city has it. Hope to catch it this weekend.

Has anyone out there seen the film???

In my opinion the industrial food complex is doing as much harm to the global community as any other perceived social ill. Sadly this issue is often overlooked by the majority of the world. Movies, such as Food Inc., and any other mainstream media that shines light on this issue is a very very good thing. If you happen to live in a market where this movie is playing please go and see it.

Have you seen it? Do you live in area where it’s playing? I hope that I can see it this weekend. Then I will post my thoughts. We will all be better consumers if we know what’s in our products, how they are made, the risks to our health, etc.

Food, Inc. is currently in selective theatres across the country (USA). I have posted some info in Moral Theology about another film that is due out soon. Check it out.

Just came to my city. Can’t wait to see it.

Just saw the film. This is a MUST SEE for everyone. You will not walk away from the film unaffected. You will think twice about eating JUNK and FAST FOOD for sure. The film covers all the aspects of how our food is produced TODAY, who controls what (monopolies), who’s making money, who’s being squeezed out (the small, honest farmer), how animals are treated, how workers are treated (or mistreated), the health hazards, the corrputions and abuses, the involvement of the government, the global impact (though they could have expanded on this)…

And there’s one four letter word in the film that will shake everybody up…and that’s CORN.

I would love to hear from someone else who has seen the film.

Lift the veil. This all needs to be out in the open, and anyone and everyone who EATS should see this film.

Here’s a **new link **to the TRAILER:

~Bump~As stated in earlier posts, this documentary is a MUST SEE :thumbsup: for everyone!

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