Food rescue 911: Brownie jerky


OK, the jerky wasn’t on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue: We baked brownies in a new silicone pan and couldn’t tell when they were done and ended up frosting them anyway.

Nobody likes brownie jerky.

So what we did was cut the jerky, icing and all, into small bits, then dumped it in a bowl with yogurt (any flavor), sour cream, and Kool Wip. Mixed and refrigerated.

Brownie jerky re-hydrated. A new dessert was born.


Anyone have similar stories of ’ disaster food rescues?’


Wait… I’m lost… didn’t you do the “toothpick” or “skewer” test to determine if the batter was done or not.

To me a “jerky” is something overcooked & dry. It that what happened to your brownies?

And sorry again for the other question:

You said you didn’t know if they were done… didn’t the baking directions have a oven temp and how long to bake for?



Not for silicone pans.

And toothpick tests proved inconclusive.


One day I wanted to make “Creme Brulee” and got all ready for it, but because of family drama, I was distracted and I turned to the page of Crème anglaise and made that recipe.

Not paying attention to what I was doing,and thinking I made the Brulee, I baked by Brulee “anglaise” and could not figure out why the custard would not set.

Oh well, I reliazed my mistake (when it was too late) so we ended up eating the “brulee/anglaise” soup. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pardon my ignorance since I’ve never used silicone pans. Perhaps they do bake differently.

But regardless, I’m sure you had a great topping for ice cream. Hey, maybe you should market this product. :smiley:


Not that I intend to make brownie jerky again, but if I ever do I gotta try it on ice cream, lol.


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