Food safety question--help! :)


Is it safe to cook a half-thawed beef roast? I think it’s an arm roast or a round roast, can’t remember, but it’s in a roaster in the oven and I put it in still frozen in the center and on the bottom…I thought I read somewhere it’s safe, but my husband is now very dubious about dinner tonight.

Anyone have a reference? Not trying to poison the dh. :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t matter, as long as you cook it to the proper internal temperature. Be warned, though, that it will take longer because it’s half frozen.



I usually take meat straight from the freezer to the crock pot or the pressure cooker. No problems that I can see.


Yes it’s fine, done it a number of times myself with no probs. If you can, do use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature, or just check when carving that it’s not too red or pink in the middle.


yes perfectly safe if still frozen in the middle, although if you put it in the oven partially frozen it may lose a lot more juice, also will take longer to cook, and center may be rare even if outside is well done, I would use a meat thermometer.


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