food safety?

I did a search on the internet for this and strangely didn’t find much.

I’m wondering if someone more knowledgeable on this matter can help me. You see, we had this salmon (it is not fresh from the store, rather it has been in the freezer for a couple of weeks after it was brought home from the store.) in the freezer which was left in the sink (in a plastic ziploc bag) to thaw, well instead of using it that day my Dad left it in the fridgerator (not freezer) for 3 days until he used it today. I wish he wouldn’t eat it, I didn’t eat it myself. I’m wondering if this is a dangerous thing to do, or if the salmon is safe for consumption.

Thank you

When in doubt, throw it out.

Yep - good advice, newf.

Food shouldn’t ever be thawed at room temperature - I know a lot of us do it, though.

As to whether it was still good or not, it would depend upon how low a temperature the salmon reached and how long it stayed below 40º before it was refrigerated. Time and a friendly temperature breeds bacteria.

If it was still partially frozen before it was put into the refrigerator, three days later is still about the limit for meats.

Then the cooking time - did all of the fish reach a high enough temperature and stay there long enough to kill food-borne bacteria and virus? Fish should flake easily with a fork when it’s been cooked enough.

And did the cooked fish go back onto the unwashed plate where the raw fish was prepared for cooking or did it contact any other utensils or surfaces or hands which may still be contaminated with juices from the raw fish?

He’ll probably be fine - but you’ll know for sure in another 12-24 hours. Food poisoning does not act right away - it has to incubate for 12-24 hours before you begin feeling symptoms.

Try not to worry though. People have been mishandling food for a long time and usually without serious consequences.

Just don’t eat it yourself and don’t let a child eat it. Their systems can’t handle some of the bugs that adult bodies learn to fight off.

(former restaurant manager)

Thank you very kindly for your responses. It is much appreciated! I want to apologize for asking such silly questions on this forum all the time, but most of the people on this forum always offer such kind, thoughtful and sound advice.

[quote=newf]When in doubt, throw it out.

silly questions don’t exist, only silly answers;)

If it was bought frozen then after three days in the fridge should be fine. If it was bought fresh, then it could be borderline. Besides if it was bought fresh, you shouldn’t freeze it, it just ruins fish IMHO if it isn’t frozen soon after catch, the tissue is too delicate.

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