Food stamps won’t buy marijuana cookies in Colorado


A new bill that’s been introduced before the Colorado General Assembly will make sure residents there won’t be able to use their food stamp benefits to buy legal weed or marijuana-infused products sold in dozens of new state-sanctioned dispensaries.

Reports have yet to surface indicating that Coloradoans have used government-provided EBT cards to purchase pot products under new state laws, but lawmakers there want to make sure that won’t become a reality.

Under state law, residents can’t use their electronic benefit transfer accounts in liquor stores, casinos, gun shops and similar establishments. With recreational marijuana now legal for adults to buy and use in Colorado, though, state officials fear some of the new dispensaries may let customers cash out with their EBT cards.


This seems like a no-brainer, but your brain on drugs may see things differently. The already widespread practice of selling food stamps or the food purchased with SNAP cards to buy drugs will continue.


HUH !!! :bigyikes:



Good idea, but when - not if - marijuana is legalized in Massachusetts, I doubt the same sanity would prevail.


Where there is a will there is a way !




I agree. They will probably say it’s a green vegetable and should be encouraged as part of a healthy diet.


Hopefully if this legislation goes through. It will have allowances for the poor people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. With all of the other medicines, and supplies they have to buy. Their dollars are spread pretty thin as it is.



Assuming it qualifies as a prescription drug, coverage would fall under Medicaid, not the SNAP.


You cannot use SNAP to purchase Tylenol, much less prescription drugs. Neither can you use SNAP money for soap or other toiletries. It is a food assistance program not a medical assistance program or a household goods assistance program.


I didn’t realize that getting stoned out of your mind could be for “medicinal purposes.”

Give me a major break.


At least they’ll still be able to buy their munchies with the food stamps.


Non-issue. Colorado lawmaker introduced bill after reading a story from the National Report, not realizing it was satire.

How proud Coloradans must be of that candidate.:wink:




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