Food, Taste and Hunger

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine emailed me a video called “Chicken a la Carte.” I usually don’t view videos email to me but I just want to check it out what food this was. It turned out to be a video that is quite touching; since it talks about food and hunger. The poor seems to appreciate what is given to them so much more than those who have. This video will melt hearts… at least it did mine.

Some of the comments made by viewers are quite mean; especially when you search the web for them on this video (on youtube and several other sites that hosted the video). I suggest you ignore them and see the blessings in your life.


Unfortunately, one of our CAF members knows all too well what you mean. Her name is jollyoki. I created a prayer thread for her in the Prayer Intentions part of this forum:

Please if you have a moment visit the prayer thread and say a Hail Mary.

Here is one of my more recent posts to the thread, below, from Apr 17, '09, 11:33 pm. I try to do what I can for her and would like to do more, the thing is I live in Ohio, she lives in Texas, and she’s disabled and really needs transportation so she can buy food with her food stamps.


"Jollyoki’s situation as of right now is that she has food stamps but there’s no way for her to get out and buy food because she has no transportation and no one to help her with grocery shopping. She has some food to get her through this weekend. After that?

“Please pray that the Lord will send someone to help jollyoki get food.”


Thank you for remembering “Jollyoki”. I will pray for her definitely. Where does she reside? Is there anyone able to help her? Do you know where she lives? I wonder if her parish is aware of her condition? Since she has no computer, can you help provide this information? I’ll try to pass it on to those in her area; and if I’m in the area, I might be able to pay her a visit.

God bless!

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