I’m curious…

what’s your guys’ favorite food?:stuck_out_tongue:

“See” food!!! (I see food, I eat it)

Pizza, Ice Cream, and Cheez-its!

However, I am on the South Beach Diet and cannot enjoy these delicasies! :crying:

Btw, has the pizza lovers here ever noticed that even bad pizza is good?

Favorite isolated food … CHEESESTEAK!!

Favorite type of food … SEAFOOD!!


I agree - even bad pizza is good pizza…and I did a high protein, low carb diet to get me started on my big weight loss (it was a variation on the south beach/atkins type) and I was very successful. It really helped get me to where I am today, so good luck.

Today I am addressing my RA by trying this gluten free approach to nutrition. As you can imagine, a lot of my favorite foods have to be re-thought…pizza has to be done differently, to say the least, and I have had to say good-bye to sugar and anything wheat based.

But the good news is I think it is really beginning to make a difference. The swelling in my hands is noticeably down, the pain in my feet is almost gone and the very first thing I noticed when I got all the wheat out of my diet? I started sleeping better - go figure!

But as much as I do enjoy a well-cooked, gourmet meal, at heart I am a snacker…give me some great ‘finger food’, like salami and cheese, good french bread and cheese, and a great movie or a wonderful book and a wintery day…I think heaven must be something like that…

Pasta…mmmmmmm…with lots of marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese…:smiley:

Enchiladas! Preferably seafood or chicken.

Being from SC PA, I grew up on chicken and dough. Pot Pie, dumplings, pasta, noodles, heavy breads and all swimming in chicken broth.
I crave carbs!

buffalo wings - the hotter the better!


Chicken any way:thumbsup:

a revelation to me since starting Atkins a few months ago is that some (not all) of my symptoms do seem to be related to wheat/gluten. I went off it for a week when staying at the monastery, where I was dependent on food provided by others, and during a recent illness. I did not gain weight (nor did I lose) but did eat a little bread or cereal most days, and symptoms returned with a vengeance.

I have gone back to induction phase of Atkins, and immediately feel much better. and weight loss has resumed. I think even when I have lost weight and graduated to “maintenance” I will never again be eating bread and wheat products.

that being said, breads are some of my favorite foods
Kings hawaiian (which gives me major indigestion)
croissants, I love Sam’s
bagels (from Cleveland, east side, Bialys on Green at Cedar) they do not know how to make real bagels down here
fresh whole grain breads from small bakeries
real parker house rolls
home-made pizza crust, topped with fresh grated parmesan and dipped in olive oil with basil and garlic

beer brats & kraut

in season i’ve been known to eat 3 quarts a day… breakfast, lunch and dinner…
totally love them, by far my favorite food of all time.

2nd favorite… ham.
LOVE ham. Fresh rye, horseradish, mustard and ham… mmmm.

Does candy count as food?:smiley:

This looks too good:

Macaroni & Cheese !!!

Chocolate cake, Banana cake

Basically CAKE!!!

Any grain, spaghetti, cereal, bread (Italian preferably), I’m addicted to any kind of grain.

[quote=TheBlackGhost]Any grain, spaghetti, cereal, bread (Italian preferably), I’m addicted to any kind of grain.

me too, provided it’s been properly brewed and fermented.:tiphat:

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