Fooled! Gay Couple Tricks NYC Into Marrying Them

"Fooled! Gay Couple Tricks NYC Into Marrying Them

One gay couple didn’t want to wait for New York to decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage. So they outsmarted the state instead. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult.

No one blinked when Jason Stenson and Hakim Nelson tied the knot on May 26. City officials approved the marriage license and even conducted the ceremony, all the while unaware that they were conducting the first gay nuptials in the state, albeit illegal, according to The New York Post."…

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A masquerade could happen in any state.

Yes, true.

I noticed that the comment (only one so far) indicates that the fact that this could happen supports gay marriage. Not sure how the person came to that conclusion. Prior to this (since birth certficates are now required) one could bring in an underage person with a fake ID who looks older than they are and maybe pull that off too, but that doesn’t mean marriage to a minor without parental consent should be legalized either. Odd.

Prior to when? I was married in NY state (but not NYC) almost 20 years ago and we had to provide our birth certificates.

Nice. Lying is now OK, as long as it is done for political purposes.

Though I would guess it is the law that folks must provide birth certficates to get a marriage license pretty much everywhere in America, apparently the rules weren’t being enforced when those two showed up. It would appear that after that and another same-sex “marriage” in NYC, the lax stance disappeared and now they are again checking birth certificates as they probably should have been doing all along. Quote from the article:

When city officials found out about the marriage they authorized, they quickly said they were duped, their system wasn’t foolproof and, of course, the marriage wasn’t legal. Yet once Nelson and Stenson told another gay couple about what they had done, the men shot down to the clerk’s office and also duped the city into marrying them, the Post reported. Then the city started checking birth certificates to prevent it from happening.

There seems to be this rising arrogance amongst the politically gay people.

Irreverence for the law in this instance – kind of this childish “i’m goinG to do what I want” spoiled entitled kid attitude.

Tricking is fraudulent. They should be charged with fraud. Fraudulent transactions are null and void.

Yes, you are absolutely right and it is not right!!!

Yes, you are absolutely right and it is not right!!!

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