Foot and Intestines in Brain

Pediatric Surgeon found a well developed foot and some intestine in a 3 month old baby’s brain.

What is the moral/ethical situation applying to the removal of those parts of a fraternal twin that never fully developed or separated?

That was an interesting story.

Obviously, the extra parts in the baby brain, were not part of a living sibling. That sibling didn’t develop, or stopped developing at some point.

How risky the surgery would be for the newborn should be determined before continuing surgery. Obviously, the neurosurgeon thought it would be necessary to operate on the baby.

Given that this posed a threat to the infant, and the leg/intestine were not viable, the goal would be saving the life of the viable infant. So there is not an ethical dilemma.

A foot and some intestines can’t possible live on their own and a child can’t live with them up there, so they come out – double effect. No one’s trying to kill anyone, just trying to save the one who can be saved.

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