Footage from Archdiocese of Managua Facebook showing priest and nun being beaten in the Cathedral

Footage from Archdiocese of Managua Facebook showing priest and nun being beaten in the Cathedral by violent Sandinista mob recently

Dear Lord, have mercy on those poor Catholics!

Does anyone know why this was done?

Found a story.

Lord Jesus, have mercy!

This is just sad. I presume the clergy knew this would happen when they made their churches the center for the hunger strikers.
Praying for all involved and for peace and justice.

The devil is really ramping up with people openly mobbing and attacking those who work for God.

Pray for the Church and its religious
Pray mobs like these find God.

There is absolutely no reason or cause to beat people up. We must stop asking why did this happen or this happened because of hunger strikes. Or any other cause or reasons
That is just attempts at stopping us practicing our faith and helping our neighbour .

There is no need for us to “stop asking” anything. There is no need for us to make ourselves willfully ignorant rather than try to understand the situation, even though the violence is not excusable.

To ask why this happened leads to victim blaming. OH if we did not do this or that we , as catholics wouldn’t be mobbed and our priests and nuns beaten.

We must practice our faith boldly and gamely and openly and do what is asked of us. And as catholics, be prepared to be martyred for our cause, Cardinals wear red to remind them that they should be prepared to be martyred.

we do not make ourselves wilfully ignorant if we do not seek secular reasons for mob violence against us.

We are not to walk on egg shells for our faith. Jesus didn’t, we shouldn’t.
We know why there is violence against us. plain and simple

Sorry, I don’t buy into all this “victim blaming” being thrown around.
As an attorney I am trained to ask questions and understand a situation. If someone wants to be offended by my doing that, then it’s not my problem.

You may hold the viewpoints you wish, but it seems you are trying to tell others to be silent, which is not acceptable. I will mute now as I don’t see this discussion as productive to the topic, at all.

I haven’t asked you to buy into it. This is my opinion and I stand by it.
Whether an attorney or not, I disagree with you.

I wasn’t aware I needed any CAF member permission to hold view points. That is very insulting.

We have the example of many martyrs who did not moderate their Catholic behaviour for fear of angry mobs beating them up or killing them, if we are truly living the faith,

We must have courage in this day and age. The beatitudes speak of this.

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