Football Coach Mike Gundy Agrees to Take $1 Million Pay Cut After Review Prompted by Backlash over OAN Shirt

As ESPN reports, “In addition to the pay cut, Holder said the contract length was shortened from five to four years, his buyout was cut from $5 million to $4 million, and his guarantee dropped from 75% to 50%.”

I actually had to look this up as I had no idea what an OAN shirt was. It apparently is a news site that I have heard mentioned on these forums.

And yet, if he would have been spotted wearing a BLM shirt, he’d be lauded as a hero! Sheesh…what a bunch of wusses we’ve become. I guess the left’s sensitivity programs are beginning to pay off! Congrats! :roll_eyes:

Spotted -----sounds like he was outside in his backyard doing lawn work but I guess it does not matter today.

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