Football Season! 🏈

A thread for the football fans on CAF!

Hoping the Steelers climb the Stairway to Seven this season.

And then there’s this:


The NFL is considering less preseason and longer regular season. I’m for that.


Personally, I’d rather them try to turn at least the semi-finals and finals into a best-of-three, but it’ll never happen. It would cheapen some of the branding too much.

GEAUX SAINTS! Superbowl #2!

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I would be ok with a shorter preseason.

The pre season is waste. The Eagles are barely playing their starters. Carson Wentz who missed a good part of last year hasn’t even played and probably won’t until the regular season. It’s a good thing too because their number two and three quarterbacks were both injured this preseason. Most of these teams make season ticket holders pay full price for the pre season games so I’m not sure if they will want to eliminate any of them without making the regular season longer. And with all the concern over concussions and injuries it would be hard to justify adding games to the regular season.

I could see Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie signing her. He likes to be ahead of the curve as with signing Michael Vick.

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I was worried this might be a European Football thread until I saw the big brown odd looking ball in the thread title! :sunglasses:

(clocks in for the season)

Go Eagles!

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Morten Anderson offered to train her. If he trains her she can’t go wrong. He’s one of the best. All I say is if she goes in she’d better have her eyes wide open and her feet ready to move if she does get blocked. Those guys are out to win and they don’t care if a woman would be in their way.

[quote=“CajunJoy65, post:10, topic:562806”]All I say is if she goes in she’d better have her eyes wide open and her feet ready to move if she does get blocked. Those guys are out to win and they don’t care if a woman would be in their way

If she’s out there, she should be treated like any other kicker; no kid gloves because if gender.

A few things with kickers. They for the most part are separated from the other players. The defense practices together as does the offense but kicker is off by himself practicing. When the sidelines are shown during games the players are sitting together but the kicker is always standing in the back practicing. If you’ve ever heard ex football players on sports talk radio they half joke that kickers aren’t really football players.

Another thing is kickers have very little physical contact during the game. Only on rare occasions is there potential for contact such as the onside kick, the botched field goal, and a kickoff that is returned a long distance. Even in these cases usually the kicker is not involved in contact. But if she sticks around long enough she will definitely be involved in physical contact eventually.

So kickers are an important part of football but are not really considered football players. This isn’t me saying it, it’s players who say it.

Not NFL, but I remember watching an arena football game years ago where the kicker, who only had one arm, managed to prevent two touchdowns on kick returns. He basically just threw himself into the path of the returner and caused them to trip. It was kind of impressive to watch.

Nice story. I don’t watch arena football but I’d guess there are more long kickoff returns and thus more occasions for kickers to get involved in physical contact.

I remember Brian Billick saying this a few years ago, and he got ripped for it.

I’ve seen some of the Saints kickers tackle if their kicks are blocked and run towards the end zone. Mostly they don’t hit any other players but it does happen.

“Or you could ride the Cleveland Browns coaster…” :joy:



I’ve been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since 1967. They lost the “Ice Bowl” to the Packers that year and I’ve hated Green Bay ever since. I own more Oakland Raiders stuff than I do Cowboys, but black suits me better. Matches the color of my heart. LOL

But if we’re talking real football, it’s Manchester United!! :slight_smile:

Real football is the Pittsburgh Steelers. :slight_smile:

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Drew Brees getting “negative drama” for doing a commercial for Focus on the Family. He’s speaking up for “Bring your Bible to School Day” so he hates LGBTQ people??? He also supports NO BULLYING of anybody including LGBTQ people.

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