Football Thread 2.0


When not being a Browns fan, I moonlight as an Eagles fan because I work in their territory.

Made for an interesting year last year. I got to attend both the Browns Perfect Season Parade and the Eagles victory parade.

I still need to get a Doug Pederson jersey. Figured he was perfect for me since he used to be a Brown and he gave thanks to God for his victory.


I’m glad the Eagles gave Pederson a chance. He came highly recommended by Andy Reid when he was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. And I personally think he is a solid head coach. But if I wanted to find excuses for why the Eagles haven’t played up to expectations, I’d have to point to the loss of other coaching personnel and maybe some of the contributing players from last year. They really had it all clicking. But key injuries this season has also played a big part in their struggles as well.

But, whatever… we’ll find out if they are worthy of the playoffs when they head to Dallas this Sunday. The Cowboys have a lot of momentum after upsetting the Saints last week, and are in good position to take control of the division. The Eagles can only make a mess of things if they pull off the upset. (which I hope they do)

Cowboys currently only favored by 3.5 points. (down from 4)

The Eagles season either continues or ends with this game.


Derrick Henry’s 238 rush yds on 17 carries including a 99 yd TD run last night for the Titans!


Despite overcoming horrible officiating, then losing to the Cowboys in overtime 29-23, someone bothered to calculate that the Eagles still have a roughly 5% chance at making the playoffs. :neutral_face:


WHO DAT! 11-2 ! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX! Hopefully Super Bowl win #2 in the future for us. Would be EXCELLENT to have them win SB#2 before Drew & Sean leave the team.




Since the Rams lost to the Bears the other night, the Saints are in position to win the conference and home field advantage through the playoffs. But there’s still 3 games left to play. (including the Steelers in 2 weeks)

Cheer for the Eagles this week when they play the Rams in L.A. Sunday night. :smile:


I KNOW that would be AWESOME and GREAT for us WHO DATS!

“Cheer for the Eagles this week when they play the Rams in L.A. Sunday night.”

I will if you cheer for my Saints on Monday night.


Will do :smile:


You can be an honorary WHO DAT for that game.


3…2…1… WHAT THE HECK!? !? ???

“Just a game”



I’m buying myself a Christmas present of a Baker Mayfield jersey. He’s on his way to being the next Bernie Kosar. I haven’t seen Browns fans this happy in years.

(I’m sorry about the Eagles. Last year with them was pretty magical. I still like Pederson. Waiting to see how they do against Rams. )


I’m cheering for those Eagles!!!


Oh man. My Broncos need a new coach, and eli as qb. They will get neither.
Go Dallas, go Steelers, go Pat’s!
Seattle and San Fran and raiders should all be taken out of the NFL.


Did something happen this week that I’m unaware of?


Nope. Just two horrible teams from two horrible cities with horrible fans…you know.


Good job, Eagles. Way to go Nick Foles!

Wentz is so over.


WOOHOO, thanks for all the cheers! Nobody gave them a chance to go out there and beat the Rams with they way they’ve been playing. But much credit goes to our Super Bowl LII Most Valuable Player & yes, backup QB Nick Foles!! (as strange as that sounds :laughing:)

It was TOTALLY unexpected, but now the Saints have a little more breathing room to win the conference, and the Eagles miraculously still alive with a shot at the playoffs, but need help.

Every Eagles fan I know will be glued to the TV tonight and cheering hard for the Saints to beat the Panthers. We need the Saints to win at least one of those two games. (preferably both) And the Eagles need to buckle down and get well prepared for the Texans next Sunday!

But lots of other interesting games as well over the weekend. Steelers beat the Pats, Titans shutout the Giants, Browns beat the Broncos, etc. etc.

And only a couple weeks left!


Stick a fork in the :lion:. They’re done – mathematically eliminated from playoff contention after blowing a close one to the Bills yesterday.

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