Football Thread!


Not sure where to put this thread. I think we had one in Back Fence last season, but Back Fence is no more…

Steelers got a win, but it was too close for comfort. AB looked great (as always) and I’m very impressed with TJ Watt.


They played the Browns today, right? Because there was a lot of swearing in my living room today.

No, it wasn’t mine.


Yes, the Browns.


Big win for the Lions yesterday. Came back from being down 10-0 to beat Arizona 35-23. 4 TD passes for Stafford, and a late pick-six to seal the deal.


Good win for Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend.



Hey! :rofl:

that’s all I had to say, but since there’s a 16 character minimum…


Every week I pick the entire week, and I was happily surprised to be wrong in some situations. I’ll be honest and tell you what my picks were:

Teams I have a Positive Bias for:
Kansas City

Patriots beat the Chiefs*

Eagles beat the 'Skins
Bills beat the Jets
Texans beat the Jaguars*
Steelers beat the Browns
Cardinals beat the Lions*
Falcons beat the Bears
Raiders beat the Titans
Rams beat the Andrew Luckess-Colts
Panthers beat the 49ers
Packers beat the Seahawks
Cowboys beat the Giants

Saints beat the Vikings
Chargers beat the Broncos

The hardest game to pick this week was: Baltimore/Cincinnati - wasn’t sure who was playing, and nobody expects A.J. Green and the guys to be shut out.

Biggest Surprise: The Browns made their tilt against Pittsburgh a real game.

Happiest Surprise: The Chiefs beat up Pats.

*picked wrong


Chiefs beat the Pats 42-27 in Foxborough on Thursday.

Now going to find out if the Eagles are any good this week when they head to Kansas City to face their old coach.


I’m quoting this just because I enjoy reading it so much! :rofl:


Cowboys beat the Giants…i strongly believe the Dallas Cowboys is Gods team…and also Americas team


Ohh, now you did it! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well, the Eagles gave the Chiefs a tough game Sunday, but it wasn’t enough. :grimacing:




Oh fer…


I’m sick of the whole thing. I just want to watch football!


I wish too. But then our President needs to put his phone down and move on to other things…like Puerto Rico which has become a major disaster and has yet to restore power to my understanding… But yet he continues to poke the beehive to the point that NFL owners, often major doners to his cause, are publicly showing solidarity with their teams.

So anyway, play ball.


A decorated former Army Ranger unintentionally stands alone for the anthem.I’m not buying it. More likely he caved into peer pressure by stating this.I hate what has become of much of this country.Never been much of a football fan so no biggie not watching the games.Disgusting what the NFL is allowing to go on. It started with Kaper ick and it should have ended with him as well.


I watched Cam Heyward and Big Ben try to explain what happened, and I saw Alejandro’s mea culpa as well. I don’t know what I believe. One thing I do know is that the Steelers sure stirred up a **** storm this past week.


I think there is a tell in his scratching his cheek…

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