Football Thread!


As a lifelong Browns fan, I’m not missing much…


I have a bunch of friends who are Browns fans, and I’ve never seen them this frustrated.


Lions :lion: are 3-1. Patriots are 2-2. Who would have predicted that?


I wouldn’t have predicted it, but I sure am happy about it! It’s too early to count out anyone just yet. Well, except maybe the Jets and Browns.


And the Chargers, who lost to fall to 0-4, and also had to TARP OFF sections of the 27,000-seat soccer stadium they’re using.


The Browns were flagrooned by the previously 0-3 Bengals…if I cared anymore, that would hurt…


Lions probably should be 4-0. They wuz robbed!


My goodness… Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Who would let him go?

Well, at least he’s an Eagle for the rest of this season, then I’d have to imagine we’ll be drafting (somehow) Saquon Barkley (miracles can happen) next year for our future RB. Woohoo!! :eagle:

Gooooooo Eagles!! (3-1) :weight_lifting_man: :man_cartwheeling: :man_dancing:

(pauses a moment to reflect on the emoji’s)

Okay, … that was silly.

(Hits post button anyway)


I lived in Philly for 10 years, so I have a soft spot for the Eagles!


Then I’m sure you’re aware how fanatical the Eagles fans can be around here! :rofl:


Oh yes indeed! :laughing:


I still care…almost. At this point just sad for them and afraid they might cease to exist.


Many teams don’t have kneeling players, so this begs the question: If a match-up features two teams that stand and honor the flag, will you watch it? Remember, many players don’t agree with the protesters, but remain silent so they don’t become the story.


Well, the Buckeyes sure made their point today.


Okay, College Football…

Well, yes, the Buckeyes managed to dismantle an injury riddled Maryland team today, but…

They will face real competition in a couple weeks when they play PSU. (who. frankly, doesn’t seem as good as last year, … just yet?)


They’re getting better by the week…if [when] they run the table, it’ll be playoff time again…I’d like to see them play Oklahoma again…oops…Oklahoma just lost…


I’ll always care…they’ve been my team for quite a few years [I remember, vaguely, Otto Graham and company…]…but there’s no room for that ‘taking the knee’ nonsense, and they’ll find that out the hard way…


Well taking the knee goes way beyond the Browns and football. It is done on behalf of all blacks who dread getting pulled over by the police for no good reason. Salaries are irrelevant since most blacks do not play professional sports.


I understand that…I also understand that too many good men and women of all colors have died defending the flag they dishonor…but that’s really not something for the ‘Football Thread’, is it?


PSU alum here!

I think they look like they’re playing better, but after the upcoming bye week, things get really tough for them.

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