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So who wins next week?



Both the AP and Coaches polls have Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Auburn heading for the playoffs as long as they win their conference championships, and the likelihood of that looks pretty good. Imo, Clemson should handle Miami fairly easily, Oklahoma should beat TCU again. For the SEC, (Auburn vs Georgia) I’m not aware of any injury status, but both teams are hot right now. I would give the edge to Auburn if the players can get up for another crucial game like they did against Alabama. For the Big Ten, Wisconsin, I believe, is the more consistent team. Ohio State is only better on paper. I like Wisconsin to win, and I really hope they do, because if OSU beats Wisconsin, and the other teams win as expected in the conference titles, it’s only going to allow Alabama sitting at #5 to sneak back into the playoffs.

There are multiple scenarios depending on who wins and loses the conference championships, but Ohio State would still be a very long shot to make the playoffs even if they can beat Wisconsin this weekend.


The Eagles proved again they are the team to beat in the NFC, and maybe the NFL. The Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers and Falcons will have to decide who eventually comes to Philly for the playoffs.

The AFC seems a bit more clear. New England, Pittsburgh, and… what happened to Kansas City?


I love Pittsburgh Dad!


I’m going with Wisconsin because, well, I always go against Ohio State. :smiling_imp:

The Bengals should not give the Steelers much of a problem, but it’s always a tough game. Who knows what Burfict will be up to.


I’m not sure if the Steelers have fallen off some based on last week, but they did win the game being -3 in turnovers. That happens almost never in the NFL.


Next week will be tough for the Vikings. Atlanta’s defense is going to test those Minnesota receivers on that turf and the Falcons have gotten better.

The Eagles are the best team without question in the NFL. New England doesn’t win the way they want to and the fact that the Steelers nearly blew it to Green Bay at home leaves a big question mark to Big Ben’s consistency. They turned the ball over 3 times and going -3 in that ratio leaves a very low win %.

The Browns are going to need to push now to avoid the dreaded 0-16. They aren’t going to just be given a win. It looked like Green Bay might’ve been their best shot, but it looks like Hundley has found some rhythm. It won’t happen this week at Chargers.

Speaking of which, I’m still going with Tampa over the Pack this week. Hundley played well, but the Steelers turned it over 3 times.

Baltimore over Detroit. Stafford is overrated and I don’t like the Lions on the road in the AFC.

Jacksonville beats Indy. Colts are in a freefall from where they ought to be and J-ville has great defense.

Carolina at New Orleans: The match-up of the week. I’m going with New Oreleans, and not by much.

Chiefs over the Jets. KC is in free-fall after looking like a contender in week 1. Playing the Jets is what they need to stop the bleeding.

Rams over Cardinals. The Rams have come this far and need to win this probably close game.

Eagles at Seahawks: Biggest test for Eagles yet. Would be bigger if Seahawks didn’t have so many injuries. As such, Eagles will win if they don’t turn the ball over.

Steelers at Bengals: I’m content to think last week was just a bad game for the Steelers, except one of their losses this year was to the Bears. Bengals have been zombie-like this season, but they will be wide awake for this. So should the winner of this game, the Steelers.

New England at Buffalo: It’s not as easy as you might think. Patriots are playing well enough to win this one, but long winning streaks can die quickly in division games. Gotta keep pace though so they don’t have to play Heinz for a change at Tom’s 6th.

Denver at Miami: Matt Moore will get the Broncos and their tough defense at home. I think he can muster up more points than Denver’s offense, but that’s a low bar this season. Still, a win is a win.

SF @ Chicago: In the who cares game of the week, the Bears are going to get their 4th win.

I expect Wisconsin to win. Ohio State just seems too jittery and they’ll be looking for revenge after they got down 49-0 last time.

I like Georgia in the ACC game. It’s the same rivalry as Alabama and it’s on a neutral site. Plus, Alabama had problems I wasn’t sheepishly aware of.

Oklahoma over TCU. Been there, done that.

Clemson over Miami = easiest call to make. Miami is just overmatched talent-wise.


The NFC has a variety of teams with a chance for the playoffs. I should apologize for forgetting to mention Seattle in my last post. They are certainly in the mix as well. But as far as the game Sunday night, if the Eagles can get pressure and bottle up Wilson, it should be a long night for the injury-riddled Seahawks.


I think they will, but more I hope they will. We’ll have to see which OSU team shows up, because they will likely knock the Big Ten out of the playoffs if they beat Wisconsin.

Don’t forget, Auburn pretty much dominated the game against Georgia (40-17) just a few weeks ago at Jordan-Hare. But you’re right, it will be on a neutral field this time, so we’ll see. I will still give the edge to Auburn mainly because of their QB play. But if Georgia can get their running game in gear, it may be a different outcome. Should be exciting. I’m looking forward to this game as much as the OSU-Wiscy game!



…And I’m off to watch the games! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the response! You have some good insight.

Things will be coming to a head in the NFC. Lots of teams bouncing around the .500 mark and something will have to give.


1 Clemson
2 Oklahoma
3 Georgia
4 BAMA Roll Tide Roll. 31 point loss to Iowa killed Ohio St.

Bama at Clemson at the Sugar Bowl - Rubber Match - Revenge Game for Bama - Home Field Advangate for Bama

Georgia at Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl - High Power Defense at High Power Offense at Extreme Neutral Field - 50/50


Watching the game last night reminded me of an obituary that made the news back in August about a dying Eagles fan. His final wish was to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as his pall bearers so the Eagles can “let him down one last time!” :wink:

How quickly things can change!

Eagles 10-2
Vikings 10-2
Rams 9-3
Saints 9-3
Seahawks 8-4
Panthers 8-4
Falcons 7-5

Eagles play the Rams in L.A. next Sunday!

Patriots 10-2
Steelers 9-2 (play tonight)
Titans 8-4
Jaguars 8-4
Ravens 7-5
Chiefs 6-6


In my opinion, the CFP committee made the right call. If Ohio State would have blown out Wisconsin, they might have a better case to jump Alabama to the playoffs, but the Big Ten championship wasn’t decided until the last minute of the 4th qtr.

As for the playoffs, I won’t be surprised if the national championship game ends up all SEC! :open_mouth:


Imagine the SEC Hate.


Not sure if Antonio Brown will play tonight, but I’m kind of hoping that he sits out this one just to keep Vontaze Burfict away from him.

Edit: I just read that he’s in uniform and will play tonight


Steelers really need to pull out the win tonight to keep ahead. They are 4 pt favorites.


Please say a prayer for Ryan Shazier.


Ryan Shazier has feeling in and can move his lower extremities so that’s very good news!

I’m still trying to figure out what was going through Ju Ju Smith-Schuster’s head that he taunted Burfict after that monster hit. It was uncharacteristic of him, and really bad, especially after what happened to Ryan. He should definitely be fined.

Burfict hopped up off the cart in the tunnel. :thinking:


Not sure why that hit on Burfict was a penalty. You don’t see it often, but those type hits have happened over the years on occasion, and I don’t recall them ever being penalties. Just considered a big hit.

The taunting after the hit was obviously a penalty, though.

Edit: I shouldn’t say “hit”. It was a block on Burfict. A BIG block…BIG!


I don’t think it was a bad block, either. They said it was due to the “Hines Ward rule”, but this wasn’t a blindside block. Burfict was standing right in front of him!

The hit AB took in the endzone was much worse, with no flag.

When JuJu was being interviewed in the locker room after the game, he really did seem contrite for the taunting. When he was speaking, you could hear AB in the background shouting “KARMA”! :rofl: He’s been the recipient of multiple dirty hits by Burfict


118th Army - Navy game

The #1 vs #2 rushing offenses in the country

Army - 368.1 YPG
Navy - 347.5 YPG

3pm ET in snowy Philadelphia!


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