Football Video: Was This Hit Legitimate?

Two Chicago Catholic League High Schools powerhouse football teams met on the field. It was Mt. Carmel at St. Rita (red). St. Rita was ahead when this play happened. …

Do you think the hit was legitimate? What are your thoughts?

If the officials called a personal foul, I’d go with that. It seemed like they were going to take a knee, but you don’t know. I could see him going after the player with the ball. It’s the officials call, I’ll leave that up to their judgement. I’m sure there are some people on here that may officiate games who may have a better opinion.

What happened after it should probably be the cause of some suspensions, and also players to be thrown out of the game (although that is a rather moot call at that point in the game.)

Classic example of the personal fouland/or unnecessary roughness…the defense was more than likely frustrated at the prospect of losing…and if this was a rivalry or championship game that adds some insult to injury. The QB had already kneeled when the defenseive player hit him…and the refs usually try to protect the QB by making such calls, so in a word technically according to the rules the hit was not in any way legitimate. A shove might have been, but the defense went over the line.

(Is my football fan showing?)

I referee, but up in Canada. IMO, there is no foul on this play, in either ruleset.

Bad logic. The defender was already committed when the QB took a knee.

Additionally, what happens if the ball is fumbled by the QB? It is a live ball and each team has a right to attempt to obtain possession.

If the rulemakers truly want the offense to be able to end the game without incident, they can just deem that the game is over without having to take a snap. But because anything can happen on any play, the snap has to be taken, which gives the D a chance for the ball.

I just slowed the video down to frame-by-frame and I see that the initial contact was ever so slightly before the QB’s knee touched the ground. A flag on this play is an incorrect call.

Ok so I can’t get another look at it at the moment because for whatever reason youtube is deeming me unworthy. But to me it looked like the defender went to far, not in initial contact that always happens, but afterwards. And many refs are going to call it to protect the QB, realistically its going to depend on the official…and I’m assuming they don’t have the review booth that we have in college and pros. But with everything that ensued I doubt anybody cared.

What aspect of the play would you wish the replay booth be involved in?

The defender simply completed his tackle. The offensive players were the ones that initiated illegal contact. I would be flagging the offense for a UR foul.

When the QBs knee hit the ground and all that…slowing it down like you did. Like I said I cant get the video to replay again because my internet hates me right now, but obviously both sides would be flagged on the play for if I remember correctly an offensive player pushed the defense. But I still say many refs are going to call the defense too simply in the interest of protecting the QB, at least thats what they do whenever I see such a situation. (Heck I’ve seen Pac-10 officials call rough the QB for a little push).

Really its going on the discretion of the official, if it was me I’d probably call both sides, its offset, replay the down. Of course the fight started so there’d be some ejections too.

Penalizing the teams equally sends a wrong message.

I saw nothing wrong with that play. The QB hesitated to run as much time as possible and paid the price.



My initial thought was the QB is in control of how many steps back he can take before taking the knee. In this case I think he took one too many steps back before taking the knee and therefore paid the price and gave the defense a chance to jar the ball away from the QB and run it in for the game winning touchdown.

I basically think it was all the QB’s fault this play even happened.

This team (St. Rita Chicago) will be playing a big game against West Chester, OH team this year in late August. The same team you saw on this video for St. Rita will be playing in Cincinnati, OH.

Well clearly I’m in the minority…but I still say most refs are going to call on the defense because they always try to protect the QB.

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Is This Hit Legitimate?

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