FOP wants CTU to condemn rally comments to ‘F— the police’


An activist’s declaration at last Friday’s Chicago Teachers Union rally — “f— the police, and everybody f— with ’em” has drawn the ire of Chicago police and a sound Twitter scolding for union president Karen



The Chicago Teachers Union is moving increasingly to the far left politically. Note the clenched fists and red star symbols on some of the posters and decidedly far left sentiments of a previous protest No surprise they’ve endorsed Bernie Sanders.

  1. “Off - Kill - the pigs (police)!” Clenched fist posters. “Power to the people!”

“Power to the people,
Power to the people,
Power to the people.
Power to the people, right on!”

And say F___ a lot. Profanity good.


  • Off (kill) the pigs, usually referred to police “interference” with Hippies buying illegal drugs, especially marijuana. A “cause” certain groups and individuals have been “fighting” for since then. “Head shops” - head being short for ‘dope head’ - sold spring-loaded clips so you wouldn’t burn your fingers while trying to get your last toke from your joint during the early days.

I’ve gotta find my Che Guevara poster and Commie flag. They’re around here someplace.


Just slow roll calls to schools.

SCOTUS has said that cops don’t actually have a responsibility to protect individuals. So don’t.


In Karen Lewis’ defense, she thought she was the last speaker and did not know that the next person would say that. Her statement was actually pro-police.

The last speaker is not a member of the CTU.


She did talk about her students, which leads me to believe she is a teacher, and she got alot of cheers for her outrageous rant.


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