For a Couple and Their Children

Please pray for a couple at my parish and their five teenaged children.

These children only come to mass every other weekend. I suspect there must be divorce or separation involved. Also the couple, who are at least civilly married, NEVER receive communion. :frowning: I know they desperately need the strength of communion to raise these five teenaged children in the faith.

Please pray for the couple to get everything resolved so they can receive communion again. Also pray for the children that they can grow up to be good catholics in the midst of this difficult situation and in the midst of a difficult world.

Thanks and blessings to you and yours! :slight_smile:

I’ll pray for them. :gopray:

They are in my prayers :highprayer:

Thanks Stitch…Thanks Zemi…I know I can always count on you two. :thumbsup: God bless you for your kindness! :slight_smile:

It is I who thanks for yours, Convert :slight_smile: God bless them and you too :getholy:

Sweet Mother Mary, take these children into your heart and under your mantle. Please give the parents strength to do what is best. Amen.

Thanks so much! What a beautiful prayer! God bless you!

Let’s pray that they are still going to church on the other weekends when not there and are using their faith to get through this time. May they know they are in God’s family and loved by all.

Thank you for your prayers! God bless you! :slight_smile:

I will pray for them.

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