For a few folks: transplant, ex-girlfriend, family


The first prayer request is for a friend from Trinidad. She has a rare liver disease and needs a transplant. However, she cannot be put on the waitlist because she is not a US citizen. She needs $300,000 for the operation.

The second prayer is for my ex-girlfriend. We had been together three years and were happy. She recently left me for another man, just randomly. He also left his girlfriend they day before mine left me. Please pray for these two…they hurt alot of people and lost many of their friends.

The third prayer is for my family. I love them and want them to be safe and happy.



Nothing unto the Lord is impossible. May your friend recieve healing and live many years.
May the Lord find a way into their hearts and minds of those who sometimes loose their way and forget how to be Christians in their actions.
May your family walk in the way of the Lord each day, and may you always continue to place your cares and worries on him as you have here, and never leave his comforting arms.



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