For a successful surgery, pain relief, patience, & fortitude


In two days I’m having surgery to repair the ulnar nerve in my right elbow. It’s kind of like carpal tunnel syndrome except that the tangled-up nerve is in my elbow and the surgery will re-position it. I’ll be in a splint for a couple of weeks and hopefully this will allow me to get the feeling in my right hand back.

Last August I had a hip replaced and I’ve had all kinds of problems since then; they aren’t quite disabling but they’re annoying and painful. I’ve had physical therapy and steroid shots; they help short-term but only time will really heal me up. I confess I’m starting to lose patience.

And my other hip is going to be replaced in May. It feels so weird to hear my doctor say, you have end-stage osteoarthritis in there, but I do and only a replacement will fix it. I sure hope I don’t have the same problems with this replacement that I had with the other ones.

Would you please pray for me? Not just for a successful surgery and pain relief but I need patience and fortitude, in large quantities. My family has been wonderful but I worry about their patience being worn thin also. Even though they vigorously say it isn’t so, I feel like a burden.

I try to keep it in perspective: if I had this 50 years ago, nothing could be done. I’d just have to just suck it up and endure. I’ve very thankful that if I have to have this, I have it now when it can be successfully treated.


Good Luck to you Sandi!
I will pray for you :gopray:


You’re in my prayers :gopray2:


You and your family will be in my prayers :slight_smile:


I’ll be going to adoration tomorrow, and I’ll remember you in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. God bless you:)


Sandi, I am praying for you and your family to have strength and faith in God.


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