For Alex -severe head injury


Alex, a married 23 year old was found on the road side, next to the semi-truck he was driving with a severe head injury. They are not sure if there was an accident or if he was beaten at this point. If he survives the doctors are predicting severe permanent brain damage. He is the brother in law of my Godchild’s father.


will pray for Alex in my rosary today.


Will pray for Alex and his family.


Praying for Alex’s recovery and his family.:gopray2:


I will be praying for Alex and his family!



Praying for Alex’s healing!

~~ the phoenix


Praying for Alex’s recovery. :crossrc:


I will include Alex and his family in my morning rosary.


:signofcross: Praying for a full and complete recovery of Alex and the consolation and peace of his family.


Oh, my! I am praying for Alex right now and as my son shares his name, your request holds special meaning to me.

Please do update us.



Praying for Alex…


Dreadfully saddening…will keep Alex in prayer…


Thank you for all your prayers. So far Alex has not regained consciousness. He does seem to respond to pain and he has squeezed his wife’s hand but that may be involuntary movements. The police are conducting an investigation to try to figure out what happened.

Alex’s wife had just quit her job and they were just starting to try for their first child.:frowning:


Saint Rita,

Please look down on Alex and his family and secure them to your holy patronage. Lift up Alex’s health before the throne of Mercy, and ask your spouse, the Divine physician, to lay His comforting hand on Alex. Pray unceasingly for Alex’s health and the comfort of all who hold him dear. We pray with you to the Father through Christ our Lord , Amen.


Still praying for Alex and family.


Praying for Alex’s recovery and strength for his wife


Alex has developed pneumonia. At this point they are not sure if he will make it -the doctors have said they feel he may die with in a week. His wife has had to put the family home up for sale because she can not afford the morgage payments since they have no income right now.


Many prayers…my heart goes out. May our Lord take care of him and his wife.

In His Name I Pray,





Lord, we come to you asking for financial help. Alex’s family needs your guidance. They are experiencing financial difficulties due to his hospitalization. You can lift their burden Lord. I pray in Jesus name… AMEN

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