For ALL: returning, new and Catholics needing refreshers--the Catholic Mass, these links may help

This is a short trailer for the “Altaration” video
For those coming back into the Catholic Church after being gone, those coming into the Catholic Church for the first time and those of us who have always been Catholic and never been out of the Church this wonderful video is a GREAT explanation of the entire Mass and what each thing we do and say means. I purchased it for me and my family to watch , which we did. Then I passed it on to our Pastor for him to view and see if he wanted to use it for religious education.

Father Mike has a true reverence for the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and all connected with it. His explanation is very easily understood and well worth it to get this video.

This link is where he did an almost 2 hour explanation of the Mass. It was a Teaching Mass where he would stop and explain step by step what and why the priest and the lay people do what they do at Mass. It was WELL WORTH the time it took to watch.

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