For all the days of your life is preordained verse

The verse above…It means that all the days of your life from the beginning of your birth to the day you die…is already preordained by God right? for example if you got some incurable disease that took away your life much sooner, otherwise you would have lived longer…would this illness be in Gods plan as well? I know this is confusing but…

Going to take a guess that you are reading Psalm 139 in a translation of which I am not familiar.

Your eyes saw me unformed;

in your book all are written down;

my days were shaped, before one came to be.

You may want to read it in context and compare translations.

God is omniscient. He knows everything, including the exact moment I will die. As the New Testament says, by worrying we cannot add a moment to our lifespan.

So, we do good, we trust God.

Yes thats the verse I mean. Thank you

Does God cause miscarriages and serious birth defects? Not likely, imo.

Cause? No. Does He permit such things so that He may bring good from them? Yes. Mankind is formed in His image and likeness. All that is wrong - all that is wrong - with this broken world is a result of mankind’s fall from grace.


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I cannot accept that God would kill or punish an unborn or born child because of the action of others. Nor can I accept that God plans hurricanes and tsunami’s that can kill thousands of innocent people.

I do believe in God, but I don’t believe that He plans everything in such detail.

Methinks you misunderstand:

  1. God’s Divine Will
  2. God’s Permissive Will
    Huge difference. He does no evil, yet evil happens. Remember Adam and Eve’s fall from grace in the garden of Eden? That changed the nature of all creation from perfect to broken. Not our fault, strictly speaking, but we suffer as descendants of the original parents of the human race. So does the entire world and everything in it.

God does not and cannot cause evil, as that is a violation of His very nature. Once again, we live temporarily in a broken world. We are not home. We are travelers - pilgrims - on a journey to where nothing is broken: in heaven enjoying the Beatific Vision outside of time. How we respond to broken things on this temporary earth renders judgment of US, not of God.

IOW: Don’t blame God. Blame man. But, God does expect us to overcome, such as we can, the brokenness of this world, with charity (love) being the guiding rule and requirement.

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Methinks I don’t cater to condescending arrogance.

Arrogant, or condescending, or neither, you apparently did in fact misunderstand.

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Thank you. I may come across as both, but being the worst sinner here, I strive to be neither. What I do take exception to is those who blame God first.

Like St. Augustine says:
“Since God is the highest good, he would not allow any evil to exist in his works unless his omnipotence and goodness were such as to bring good even out of evil.”
God bless

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I didn’t spot either in your reply, but some are extra sensitive, and some just want to take offense at anything.

Just to be clear, I never implied nor do I ever “blame God”, only that I cannot picture a God that directly causes miscarriages, birth defects, and terrible storms that kill innocent people. Nor can I accept the concept that some have that it’s only human frailties that led to these as that doesn’t make any sense. My sins are not at all likely the cause of such maladies, as why would God have it set up that innocent people are to be punished for my sins, or yours?

It appears likely that God established some “wiggle room” with His creation, thus not all events can be blamed on us, nor on God, imo. No other scenario makes sense-- to me at least.

Ok. How about if someone stood in front of an oncoming train and let it hit them. Should that person think that they may not get hurt or killed after the train hits them depending on God’s will ?

Is this in response to anything I posted, especially since I’m far from being a predestinationist?

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