For all the scrupulous out there, check this out!


This website really helps with your scruples. It’s a list called “Ten commandments for scrupulous”. I highly recomend checking it out.
Here’s the link:
That website has more useful things to offer, check it out!
God Bless you all!


A good resource for scrupulous people at least until they can get some spiritual direction!



What a find! Let’s all copy this link and keep it handy for when we see yet another thread asking if eating too many donuts is a mortal sin! :rolleyes:


:smiley: It would be hilarious if that happened.
Off topic, how do you write something for it to appear bellow your replys like you wrote

Neither human nature nor the Commandments nor the Gospel have an expiry date.

~ Cardinal Walter Brandmuller ~



Go to control panel --> Edit signature.


Thanks! :thumbsup:


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