For all those struggling with drug addiction


I’d like to ask you to remember in your prayers today all those who struggle daily with addiction to drugs and alcohol - particularly my sister Becky, who’s been addicted to prescription drugs for at least 10 years now.

She’s been in and out of rehab and is currently home, trying to remain clean and sober. But it’s definitely a daily battle.

The other day she told me she would like to have a rosary. I sent her one, along with a book of rosary meditations. Please join me in praying with her that this helps her along the hard road she must travel. :gopray:


Consider it done.


Praying for your intentions…


Praying for Becky and all who struggle with addictions.:signofcross:


I ask God to grant great blessings to you both.

Mother Mary please keep Becky safe in your motherly protection.

Jesus, please open her life fully to Your love and resurrection in her meditations on Your life in the Rosary, and in her participation in the Sacraments.

Jesus please reach out Your love and help to those who are addicted, through the courage and healing You grant to them, and through family, friends, and professionals. Thank You, Jesus

St Matthew Talbot who successfully overcame years of alcohol addiction, please pray for those who suffer addictions of any kind.


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