For all those who've posted on my encouragement thread


Thank you so much for your perspective and insight. I’m actually really glad I came home this summer because I know my siblings missed me and I’m glad I get to spend time with them. As for the job, I know it will work out (I’ve gotten a couple interviews, please pray) and God has been good to me. I also get to spend time with my little cousins, who’ve also missed me.

This will probably be the last summer I spend home, so I’m enjoying every minute of it. I try to help my mother out as much as I can while she’s at work (so she doesn’t have to come home to a messy house) and I’ve taken the opportunity to cook for my family. I love cooking (I should, it’s in my blood, haha) and I don’t always get to do that in school (though it is changing). I’m also looking forward to going away on vacation with my family soon and enjoying that time with them.

I’ve started a foreign language bootcamp this summer. I intend to major in Spanish and minor in Italian. My Spanish is where it needs to be, but I’m working on getting ahead in Italian (and thus saving my family money, as well as being able to get further when I go to Italy next year). I’m also working on learning French, Portuguese, and Swahili because I really want to go to Africa at some point as well. God gave me a gift with languages, I might as well polish it up (and like I said, save my family money).

I’m also planning a trip to visit some nuns next weekend with a friend of mine. I go back and forth with the discernment thing, but I can feel that God’s telling me to be open to it (and my best guy friend gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. He said, “K, at least explore it! You keep talking about it and it sounds like you really want to do this!”)

I’m starting to put together a resume for the fall. I want to take advantage of internships and such when I go back to school. I’m young and I have the world at my fingertips. I want to take advantage of it.

Thank you so much for your prayers and guidance! You all are awesome and encouraging. And to the moms, I needed the mom’s perspective


Wow… thanks for the update!
Hope you ENJOY your summer at home… sounds like you’ve got so many wonderful options to look forward to!.. you’re amazing with all those language pursuits! (heck, I’m still workin’ on English! :p)

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


It sounds like your life is full of positives! God bless you for your thankfulness. :slight_smile:
All the best with all your endeavours, and your future. Trishie


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