For all who are finding it hard at this time of year


Dear God, at this time of year when we celebrate the birth of Your Son, there are so many who are alone and have no one. Please let them feel You near, and give them Your comfort and peace.

Please help all those who are sick or dying. Or those who are watching a loved one go through illness or other hard times.

Watch over the children who are abused and help them, Lord to know You love them and are with them. Send help for them to get out of a bad situation.

Help all who are poor and don’t have enough to eat, or money to pay for their utilities to keep warm. Help all who are out of a job to find one to sustain them.

Soften the hearts of those who don’t believe and give them the gift of Faith. Especially move those who have much, to share with those who have little.

God, please bless this world and all those in it. Let there be peace and joy in the hearts of all at this time of year and all year through. Amen


Amen. Nice prayer.






Amen to this prayer, Baptista. Thank you for your loving kindness in making and sharing this prayer with us


Amen.Baptista,you are such an inspiration.May our Lord be with you and through the Holy Spirit give you peace.




In my prayers. Amen




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