For All Who Want the Latin Mass at Their Parish


The time to storm heaven is now!

Please pray that all those souls who wish to have the Latin Mass said at their home parish may be granted this request, if it be for their good and the greater glory of God.

Also please pray in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict XVI and his intentions.

Since there is an entire sub-forum already devoted to the discussion of the Motu Proprio, please keep this thread focused fully on prayer. This thread is for telling the desire of our hearts to God, and for helping others by our prayer to increase their worship of God through the Traditional Latin Mass.

~~ the phoenix


I will pray for these intentions.




I, too, will be praying that those of us who wish the Latin Mass to be included in our parishes, will be.

God bless all of us.



I will pray for those who want the Latin Mass to have one. I do have a hard time understanding why anyone would want it changed back to Latin… I’m sure if that is what you were accustom to then maybe… But I, as a new convert can say that the Latin speaking made me have absolutely no interest in the Catholic Church as a teenager. The one time I attended…I felt stupid and understood nothing… I never went back till I married a Catholic… I would think that changing back might scare young people away… Just my opinion…



Does the whole Mass have to be said in Latin? I’m really ignorant regarding this. Can’t part of the Mass, like the Consecration, be said in Latin but the missals show the English written versions?

  • boy, am I out of it!:shrug:


Prayers for the granting of the desires of those who long for the Extraordinary Rite to be more available.

And that the increased availability of the TLM may prove to be a blessing and source of strength and unity for the Church, rather than a fresh source of division as I fear it possibly may.






I also want to see the latin mass come back where it belongs at least one service,I am praying:gopray:


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