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I love the Franciscan charism. I love the poor, homeless etc. I also love the Sacred LITURGY, (EF preferable, but reverent NO definetly suffices!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:). I love the fact that Our LORD spoke to Our Holy Father St. Francis and told him to repair His Church. In a way I’m feeling the same call. Im named after St. Francis (Although my baptismal St. Francis was St. Francis of Xavier, at confirmation I chose St. Francis of Assisi). I love the total dedication that he had for Our LORD, the “Seraphic” love for Our LORD JESUS and nothing less. I also love the idea that he wanted to give the Faith to all, leper, clean, rich, poor, homeless, millionaire etc. I feel a slight nudge towards this kind of lifestyle. I also feel called to the Priesthood. So that is why I am seriously starting to consider the Friars of the Immaculate. I have contacted the VD for the Order in the U.S

Anyone here have any personal contact with them? I know they are VERY traditional, yet mantain an excellent balance between 5 hours of Prayer a day (SWEET) and going out to the streets and spreading the Faith of Our LORD.

Anyone here give me some info? anything?


Not sure what type of information you want. I am a Secular Franciscan. There is an entire thread on Franciscan Spirituality in the Social Groups. Feel free to look around there lots of links, information and things like that. Feel free to ask specific questions. There are several thread around here on the Secular Franciscan Order and information on Franciscan.

Search on threads both by and those that JReducation replied to for lots of good information.

This Thursday is St. Francis’ feast day. Check to see if your local Franciscan church has special events around that date. Many Franciscan churches/friaries will have Transitus services on Wednesday night. Usually on the weekend around his feast day, they will hold blessings of the animals. My local friary also has several other events around the day.


I am unfamiliar with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, but a quick search of CAF turned up some older threads. Please do not reply to these old threads. I am providing them simply for information purposes.

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NB: That final thread lists three other FFI websites in the signature of the first post.


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