For All You Long Time Doctor Who Fans

This had me laughing out loud…What Are You Doing Here?

i havent seen this in a few years. my wife has never even heard of it, so we watched most of season1 and quite a few of the others, making sure to hit each doctor before the new episodes started coming out. while tom baker is stilll my doctor christopher ecleston(sp) and david tennant have grown on me.

speaking of that, they are filming a full length movie here in Americia as well as having all of next season filmed here.

For some reason I had a mini-crush on Colin Baker, but I liked Peter Davison and the trio of Adric, Nyssa and Tegan the best as a group.

adric was good. i dont know if you follow the new episodes, but with the plot being all the other timelords died i cant help but wonder about romana in ‘e’ space.

Thanks, that was fun!

Worth remembering that the other Time Lords died exterminating the Daleks, who show up in every other episode.

If the Dalek survived, surely there’s hope for the Time Lords!

[Though the idea that he’s the last of his kind gives the Doctor an extra bit of pathos, I suppose…]

well with the master they have already shown he wasnt really the last so how knows who else is out there.

As one of the biggest Doctor Who fans in existence (I’ve actually met three Doctors), I must sadly inform you that both of those rumors are untrue, although there are some efforts to try for a feature length film at some point in the future.

Russell T. Davies, the current (but outgoing) director of Dr. Who, has said that he believes what the Doctor Who novel range claims happened to Romana… that she eventually escaped E-Space and returned to Gallifrey to become president. This, however, would imply that she died, like the rest of the Time Lords, in the Time War.

I think they’re only doing one episode here. This would probably coincide with the RSC production of Hamlet(w/ David Tennant and Patrick Stewart) coming here as well.

Yeah, I wondered about that also which proves I have way too much free time.


Actually there was a Doctor Who movie filmed in San Francisco. I forget who played him but he was an American. It was a made-for-TV movie done by Fox.


One of my daughters is going to Stratford-on-Avon to see Tennant in Hamlet and As You like It later this month.


Yes there was, but it wasn’t a movie as much as it was a 2 hour pilot for a new version of the show (which failed to get picked up). It aired in 1996, and starred Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. Daphne Ashbrook co-starred as Dr. Grace Holloway, the companion. Eric Roberts (yes, Julia’s brother) played the Master. It was set at the turn of the millenium in San Francisco. The current rumors surround the production of an actual theatrical movie. Peter Jackson’s name has even been batted around as a director, since he’s a self-professed Dr. Who fan, but that’s only wishful thinking at this point.

As an aside, the movie is considered canonical and fully part of the Dr. Who universe. It is presumed that it was Paul McGann’s Doctor that fought in the Time War.

well that makes sense. he did tell rose at the end of season 4 that the ‘other’ him was like when he met her, freshly born out of war. seems to suggest #9 was regenerated right after the war

We also see a sketch of Paul McGann in the the Doctor’s diary in season three when he hides as a human in “Human Nature”

As was stated in the last couple posts, the Doctor in the TV movie was Paul McGann, but he is British, not American. The movie did try to keep it true to the original BBC series. The seventh doctor, Sylvester McCoy even came back, at the beginning, to do the regeneration into the 8th Doctor.

it looks like the movie is gonna happen, with tennat allegedly having signed a 1.5 million pound(i dont have the funny symbol on my computer) contract.

Although it’s certainly looking like there are at least some preliminary negotiations going on, an actual movie is FAR from certain yet. Everything I’ve heard from inside the BBC is suggesting that any potential film wouldn’t start filming until 2010 at the earliest. If Tennant is still around for it, it might be where we see him regenerate, since it would take place AFTER the complete season 5.

personally i think the best plot they could do is the time war. semi well known story to the fans, dramatic and could have 2 doctors in it without burning another regeneration. not that i think itd happen, but i still think it’d make for a good movie.

What I think is cool is the way the OPs video explains the longevity of Dr. Who.

The show was plot-driven, although the characters were certainly interesting. But in all of the shows, the question, “What are you doing here?” (and varations) led to plot developments. There was a lot of action in this show over the years. Something was happening in every episode, and all of us who like the show reallky want to know, “What are you doing here?” We KNOW we will get an exciting answer!

But if you have a show all about characters with no plot, a question like “What are you doing here?!” would be a dead-end question. No one would really care about the answer.

I think this is a good example of a writer’s stimulus question. Take a couple of characters–it doesn’t matter who or what . How about an orange alien with ten mouths, a Victorian lady, a pug dog, and a male accountant? Put them all in a setting–how about a high school football game? Then ask each character, “What are you doing here?”

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