For All You Long Time Doctor Who Fans

i like the way this thread is going. anybody watch the spinoffs torchwood or the sarah jane one? i like them but without the doctor it just isnt the same.

I love Torchwood but I wish they’d tone down the homosexuality. I couldn’t get into the Sarah Jane Chronicles, however.


yeah i close my eyes and just guess when to look when it goes gay. i see the sarah jane one almost like doctor who meets early saved by the bell. its very campy.

We like the Sarah Janes because they are very family friendly, but Torchwood is unwatchable :eek:. That said, I am having MAJOR Dr. Who withdrawal from this whole season disappearing. :frowning: Isn’t it Christmas yet? :christmastree1: And who is going to be his sidekick now?

Don’t know who the new companion will be. I thought, after the season finale, that Martha would go to Torchwood but I found out yesterday that the actress will be on “Law & Order: London” which will be aired on ITV.


Freema Ageyman, who plays Martha, was supposed to be on Torchwood (which will be slightly toned down now to appeal to a bit younger demographic), but they were slow to get the contracts signed and Law and Order: London got her first. The part was specifically written for Martha, and now has to be re-written. Mickey WILL be joining the Torchwood team, however.

As far as a new companion, from what I understand, the Doctor will not have ANY companion in the Christmas special. Beyond that, I have a pretty good idea who it’s going to be since I have some inside sources at the BBC. I’ll put the information in spoiler tags below. Highlight the words to reveal the information, but don’t do it if you don’t want a future plot ruined!

Insiders say that Donna will be returning, somehow under the control of the Master, once again played by John Simm.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Wow!!! Oh man, you just made the waiting WORSE! :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured he’d just do the specials like the Christmas special last year with the Titanic–have a ‘one-show stand’ with someone. :wink: I hadn’t heard anything about who the next long term one would be yet though.

And is anyone else just dying to see Hamlet? I mean, David Tennant and Patrick Stewart on the same stage? :heaven: :extrahappy: :love:

My daughter leaves for Stratford-on-Avon next week, RSC tickets in hand.


Yes. But it won’t be in the UK, since thye show is sold out.

Albert Finney is guest starring in one of the specials next year.

Patrick Stewart has been offered the role of the meddling monk from the original series when his schedule permits. He bcame friends w/ Tennant during Hamlet and apparently is a fan of Doctor Who.

Can anyone tell me when the Christmas special will air?
And when the next season will start? It just disappeared without a word about the next time – my favorite show.

I believe the BBC usually airs the Christmas specials in the U.K. only, on Christmas Day, but in the U.S.A., the SCiFi Channel probably won’t have it until next spring at least. But you can probably watch it on YouTube or something, sooner than that.

And I think it’s been officially announced that there won’t be a new full season until 2010. There may be just a couple of specials in 2009. Check Doctor Who Online for more info.

I don’t know if you’re in the US or the UK. In the UK, the air date for the Christmas special has not been determined yet, but it will (obviously) either be the week of Christmas or the next. The 2009 season is going to be a “mini” season, with specials airing around Easter, sometime in mid-summer, around September, and then another Christmas episode. A full season of 13 episodes will return around April of 2010.

Now, in the United States, nothing has been announced as to when Dr. Who (OR the Sarah Jane Adventures) will air. They may show the specials individually, or wait until the end of 2009 to show the mini-season episodes back-to-back. The Sarah Jane Adventures could then be combined with the airings of the mini-season as were last time.

There are four specials, including the Christmas 2009 episode, scheduled for 2009. (Plus, there’s also the Christmas 2008 special to look forward to.)

Thanks much.
Guess I’ll have to cultivate patience or renew my passport.

Another option: find a torrent download. TorrentReactor or BitTorrent are two places where people who recorded the episode then post it for downloading. We usually get our Who this way.

I guess this had to happen eventually :frowning:

Instead of a new doctor, I’d like to see a back-story of the Time Wars with Paul McGann as the Doctor, to see what happened after the 1990’s Doctor Who movie and before Christopher Eccleston’s debut with Rose. The only problem would be that it would have to be a knock-your-socks-off story line maybe played out over three years. It seems to me that it would be more somber and BattleStar Gallatica-ish and I don’t think the ratings guys would go for it.

i thought the same thing. but really id save this plot for a movie…
wars do tend to lend themselves to that format better than they do to television.

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

so who all watched the christmas special ‘the next doctor’?

i liked it but i think they worked too hard on twists at the expense of the plot. overall good, but not great.

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