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My favorite comic strip had this very unusual ending today. It was clever for Lynn Johnston not to leave us hanging but to tell us the future lives for all the characters. She will be re-running some of the originals.

I am one of her biggest fans. I cried when the family dog saved the youngest daughter when he jumped in the river to save her but later died from exhaustion. There were many other touching strips.

I’m with you. I LOVED this comic strip; the characters were so real (not surprising, as it was loosely based on Lynn Johnston’s own family, I believe.) I remember well the strip when Farley, the dog, died being heroic :frowning:

I was so pleased she tied up all the loose ends; I understand that many of her fans had begged her to do so.

The fact that she will be “updating” the old comic strips is interesting; not sure what she has up her sleeve, but at least I will have my daily dose of FBOFW with my morning cup of tea (they’ve been around so long I’ve long since forgotten a lot about them!)

I think Lynn identifies with Michael Patterson. I wonder if she has any film offers for her comics :hmmm:

She says that starting Monday she will offer a new version of the strip. It will be interesting to see how different her approach is.

Yeah, I was wondering what she’s going to do with the comic. On another note, all our weekday comics are in color now! :thumbsup:

Lucky you! The current FBorFW on the website is in black and white:

It appears Lynn has re-started her family at a much younger age, with Michael being five-ish and Elizabeth (?) still in a stroller.

Make sure to click on the “Letter from Lynn about FBOFW” at the bottom of the comic strip. It explains why she has decided to go back to her old style of a more primitive drawing. She became way too perfectionistic in her later drawings and it took the fun out of her comic creativity. If you want to go back to the Sunday strip you will have to click on the “previous” arrow at the top. When I started this thread the strip that would appear would be the Sunday strip. Now it has changed to the current strip.

Thanks to this thread I’ve spent the last two days reading every strip from 2003 until the end. I stopped reading this strip in the early 90s, and I don’t really read the paper any more for the comics. But I still dig this strip, and I still dig the pattersons. I really enjoyed the storyline with Elizabeth and April, while when I was younger I was all about Mike.

Something I had forgotten was the death of Farley the dog. I remember reading that strip because it was a big deal when it happened. It still makes me cry when I read it.

Anywho. I look forward to reading the strip still with the younger family again.

PS: Yahoo has the strip in full color.

I used to read it until the whole homosexual thing. I read my comics for entertainment - not for someone to tell me how to think - especially on an issue like that.

But I enjoyed it up til then.

Yes, I understand how you felt. This was an issue I disagreed with too but I overlooked it because she and I agreed on almost everything else. Of course, I am an adult and know the difference between right and wrong. I am disturbed that many children had to see her biased views. I hope the children were not influenced. If I had young children reading it during that period I would have wanted to tell them the Catholic viewpoint.

Whether you like it or not, if you read a comic strip you’re being exposed to the author’s opinions and beliefs. Even if it’s something stupid like Charlie Brown missing the football and falling on his butt, you’re still being exposed to what the author thinks is funny. The artist uses the strip to get across their ideas, just like an author would in a book, or a musician would in a song, or a painter in a painting. You can’t escape that.

I am not big on the whole gay thing with Lawrence in her strip either. I’ll just leave it at that.

There is an interview with Lynn in the latest Maclean’s magazine. In it she talks about her own marriage falling apart last year and her need to end the strip like she did. She tells what we can expect from future strips as well as what not to expect.

Yes, I heard about her marriage falling apart. Her story was written up in our daily paper when they announced they would no longer be carrying her strip. I was very sorry to hear that because she felt like family to me. I had already signed up for her strip to be sent to my e-mail every day so I don’t need the newspaper for my daily fix. It is in color and is free!
I enjoyed learning about Canada through her strip. I think high school has an extra year that is devoted to studying for the placement exam that must be taken before college. I was very confused when Elizabeth graduated from high school and then she was back at the same school again the next fall. I also enjoyed reading about her teaching assignment with the Eskimo children in northern Canada.

In Ontario only, they had grade 13 up until a few years ago. Until the 1980s in Canada, the kids of two provinces graduated after grade 11, those of 7 others graduated after grade 12 and the kids in Ontario continued on to grade 13 if they were going to university.

As for the kids where Elizabeth was teaching, they weren’t Eskimo (a word we don’t use in Canada since the “Inuit” consider it an insult) but Ojibway.

I apologize for using the word Eskimo. I thank you for enlightening me that it is not used in Canada. Is it an offensive word because it has a bad meaning or just an old fashioned word? Here in the states we are not supposed to call Asians by the name “Oriental”. I don’t think it would be offensive…just not up to date to use the “O” word.

You were talking about the 3 graduation grades in the “past tense”? Do all the high schools now only go through grade 12?

I learned in school that the term ‘eskimo’ meant “raw meat eaters”, an insult coined by the Montagnais Indians (who today, along with the Naskapi tribe are known collectively as the Innu – not to be confused with Inuit, the term the Canadian Eskimo use for themselves). Various linguists agree that the word doesn’t mean that but don’t agree on what it does mean. At any rate the term, as I heard it used in the 70s definitely had a ‘spit in your face’ connotation to it. At any rate, they don’t call themselves Eskimo in Canada and Greenland, but they do use the term in Alaska and Russia.

A good explanation can be found here.

And so endeth today’s lesson on the various First Nations people who surround me every day. :smiley:

As for school, today only Quebec has graduation after grade 11. Their students then attend CEGEP (Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel), a post secondary education institution that has two streams: a 2-year university preparation program and a 3-year trades program.

Wow! Who ever would have thought a comic strip could stimulate such “meaty” (no…not meat eating) discussion and very interesting facts. Thank you so much.

Anybody following the “new” For Better For Worse? This week has been so cute. The dog who saved the life of the youngest daughter April and later died is shown as an 8 week old puppy…about to be adopted! I just want to hug that puppy…especially since I know it will grow up to be a super-hero!:wink:

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