For brother-in-law who is hospitalized


I just got word from my sister that her husband is in the hospital.

He has a serious kidney infection and pneumonia.

Sister is very tired and is lacking sleep due to her hubby being in the hosptial and the baby at home that is teething.

Please say prayers for Sister, Brother-in-law, and their baby.

Thanks for the prayers.


update: Not only does he have kidney infection and pneumonia, I just learned that he has an e. coli infection in his blood stream and has been put on oxygen.

He has not been able to eat or keep foods now for the last 3 day. Regardless of this he is stable enough for surgery tomorrow.

Surgery is to remove some of the kidney stones (especially the ones in the bladder) and to put a stint in to allow easier passing of other stones. The stones are the main reason for the infection in the kidneys and bladder.

Please say prayers


Praying. I’m so sorry for your BIL!:frowning:




Thank-you! If it’s not one thing it’s another. (I’m sure you’ve seen the other prayer thread for Grandpa…At least he’s home now and recovering well :))

Sis is worried what this would do to her job status. (Seeing she has not been to work due to hubby)

Not to mention his job and baby. I’m sure you can only imagine the worries she’s dealing with (She right now is just trying to :juggle: it all) Of course this is going to be a big impact on their finances (even with insurance).

Her MIL has had the baby for yesterday and today during the day so Sis could be at the hospital.

Our Mom is taking the baby tomorrow for her…
I know that this is not easy for all of them.

Thanks for all the prayers.




Wow- your family has been hit hard lately. I will pray for all of you to get through this.





It is NOT going well. BIL had the surgery. At first they thought everything is was okay. My Sis left the hospital to get something to eat.

She didn’t even make it… when she got a phone call telling her to immediately go back to the hospital.

His blood pressure started rising and the fevers started spiking. Drs do NOT know why. My sister is scared and is worried about him pulling through. (She is staying at the hospital tonight)

Our Mom has the baby for tonight. I’m on my way to the hospital to give my sister some support. But before I left I wanted to post this message.

And ask that all of you here at CAF to pray for him.
Pray that BIL is in the Lord’s hands and that it is God’s will that he pulls through this…
We are hoping that it is God’s will that he is healed and will be able to go home to his wife and 9 month-old baby.


Praying, dear. Please keep us informed.


*]Blood Pressure still high… (but lower then before)
*]Still on oxygen
*]Still running fevers (mostly in the 102 range…which is better then before) (before they spiked as high as 104)
*]Sis felt comfortable enough to go home and sleep.
*]Our mom is staying at their house that way if Sis needs to leave she can…
*]His mom is staying at the hospital tonight with BIL.
*]I was told that at one point today his kidneys were not working.
*]However they are working now…




Thank you for the update. Please know that I will continue to pray for him, and your whole family.


Status: still the same…

BIL is having x-rays done this morning and blood work (red cell count)…

Once the results are in we will have an idea if there has been some improvement in health… (even though the outward signs are still the same)

Thanks for all the prayers


Outward signs are about the same…

However x-rays came back and his lungs are WORST then they were before.


I’ve NOT heard regarding the blood count…


Gotcha. If I have time, I’ll go to adoration and pray for him. I’ll say prayers for him at mass, and offer a rosary for him. Prayers still coming, I promise. I’m going to put him on the prayer list at our local Carmelite monestary.


Thank-you :slight_smile:

All the prayers the better.


Drs have stopped some of the meds and are trying to “flush” them out.
They are hoping that this will give some positive results…

Right now BIL is very incoherent (mumbles and doesn’t fully realize who is around him) and has what my hubby described as “jerky” movements. Drs are hoping that flushing the meds out of his system will make him more like the “normal” BIL as far communication with people and his movements.

They are also trying to get him to eat and after much fight with my sister she did manage to get him to eat 2 bites of chicken and a glass of milk. He kept telling her to leave him alone and that she had to get the baby. (However the baby was sitting in his lap…and she had to keep telling him honey you have the baby in your lap)

All he wants to do is sleep, but the Drs want him wake because they want him to eat. They say eating will help flush his system of some of the medication.

When my hubby left the hospital about 20 minutes ago BIL temp was 98.9 (which is much better considering all that he has been through). Still a little high but better.

Please keep in your prayers

He is still on oxygen; He still has e. coli and pneumonia; and the kidney stone/infection.

I learned today that YESTERDAY his blood pressure shot all the way up to 200 something over 100 something. (I forget the real number now). Its high now but NOT that high… I wish I had the exact number to share with you all, but I don’t.

Thank you for all the prayers,
Especially you mommyof4…

God Bless.


Thank you for the update. Still praying here.


Drs gave BIL a cat-scan this morning.
(They are worried about brain damage: Results on the scan will be back tomorrow).

Sis just learned this morning that the hospital OD (over dosed) BIL on his meds.
(That’s why they stopped some of his meds yesterday)

Please keep him in your prayers…



Still praying.

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