For Bucyrus, Ohio


My hometown. They’ve had 24+ hours of rain, and my dad estimates well over 8 inches of rain in that time frame. On my way to work today I heard the town was 50% underwater.

My parents have 3 feet of water in their basement, and are pumping constantly to keep it from getting deeper.

Dad says there are people travelling the streets by rowboat because they are impassible for cars. Mom also said that the river hadn’t even started to come up yet. And that’s a real scary thought.

My parents and other members of my family are well enough off financially and have enough insurance to take care of them, I can’t help but think of the others in town that do not. Please keep them in your prayers.


Praying for Bucyrus. Milvale (Pittsburgh) has the same problem. Lots of flooding. Pray for them too!



May each resident place their faith and trust in the Good God, who knows their needs before they ask. Am praying for them.

Christ’s peace.


Praying for relief for Bucyrus, Ohio and Milvale, Pennsylvania!


~~ the phoenix


Praying for all of those affected by the rain.


They are in my prayers…




Lord Jesus, please help these people in Ohio!!


Lord we bring to you all those affected by extremes of weather and natural disasters…Jesus, we trust You.


Yes, so much suffering from the terrible weather conditions this year!!
Praying here!!:signofcross:


(sorry for replying to an old thread)

RascalJones: I have many family members in Bucyrus. Thankfully, the water didn’t get high enough to cause irreparable damage to any of their houses. As you know, Bucyrus isn’t exactly thriving, and it would have been a terrible blow to the city if the flood was any worse.

How was your parents house? Did FEMA give any assistance?

What a bizarre event…


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