For Burial Or For Tonight?

For Burial or for Tonight?

The NT claims that Jesus was anointed by Mary in preparation for his burial. (Mark 14:8) I have never heard of such a thing in my whole life as a Jew.

Jesus had probably just arrived from one of his usual missions and was very tired. However, he had no time for any rest, because he had to go for that dinner. A compromise he could not postpone. (Luke 7:36)

Nevertheless, Mary had decided to follow him up with her perfumed oils to make him feel good. So, she did the anointing right then and right there where Jesus was: At the dinner table.

Since there is no precedent in Judaism for anointing to be done on a living person with the purpose to prepare him for burial, it is only obvious that Mary did that anointing on Jesus in preparation rather for “tonight” than for burial. Quite romantic, wasn’t it?


So if a doctor - or my mother (she’s also a doctor) - were to put cream on the blistered or raw skin of my feet after I’d been walking all day, it would mean something more than the obvious? It would mean something so intimate that only a spouse would do it - despite the very obvious fact that people who AREN’T my spouse would be happy to do it? What a gross and absurd notion.

As for ‘preparing me for my burial’, of course Jesus knew that He was soon to die, of course
Mary didn’t and He knew she didn’t. So naturally He wasn’t speaking literally, and no Christian presumes that He was. It’s another of your typical misunderstandings of scripture - and a classic example of the ‘straw man’ fallacy no less.

Ben the Mocker,

You can be certain of one thing, burial. You will die, perhaps tonight. When death comes your soul will be annointed.

When Jesus spoke with the pharisees He told them who claimed to be descendants of the patriarchs that the devil was their father. He told them He came to forgive sins, but they claimed they had none, so they did not need Him.

He told them that they would die in their sins. What this meant, what He was saying, was that they would die and go to hell. It was their choice, as it is yours.

Your death will come. It may be sooner or later, but it awaits you. The moment will come and you will not be able to postpone it. Death comes for you and says come with me now. It is time. You will not escape it. Your soul will be taken away to its eternal destiny. You body left behind will be placed in its cold grave for burial. Your soul will be annointed as you choose, and it will carry with it its annointing.

It will carry with it all of your sins, or the annointing of divine mercy. You will either die in your sins or free of them, but either way you will die.

Look into your soul. What do you see? What is there, hidden deeply for now, will be revealed for all to see. The secrets of your soul known only to you and God will be revealed. In hell all the souls will mock one another for what they are. There will be no kindness there, or hope. It is a choice. The mockery begins here by choice.

Jesus said that the sin that ultimately condemns is lack of faith, the failure to believe, the refusal to believe and receive mercy.

We are all the same. We all make our choice. Your proud mockery reveals your choice, who you are. You really should stop it for your own good. Stop harming yourself.

You are giving the truth yet you mock it and try to turn it in to something sexual. I pray that you repent and quit rejecting our Lord. Our Lord performed many miracles. He healed the sick and raised the dead with many witnesses yet you still deny him. If you lived 2000 years ago, would you have been one of the many who were ridiculing him, spitting on him, and mocking him as we walked to Golgatha?

**You have forgotten a small detail. Mary was neither Jesus’ Doctor, nor his sister or mother or daughter. She was someone Jesus loved and was deeply loved in return. Why try to rain in such a beautiful parade? **

**I may die tonight, but you will die tomorrow. It’s all a matter of time. If you thnk I will die for my mockery, you will also die for your paragon of perfection. No one will escape death, either he be a mocker or a puffed up superstitious religious old man.

Now, if I were you, I would study the Bible with logic, because Jesus never told the Jews that they were children of the Devil. (John 8:44) Do you know why? Because he was speaking to the Jews who had believed in him. (John 8:31) Does it make sense to you? To anyone who has a mind of his own, this text does not make sense at all. So, that’s a contradiction of the NT. **

**What does the subject has to do with performing miracles? The prophets also performed many miracles, but they were married and made love. What is the big deal about Jesus? He was a Jew just like any other with the same potential to love and hate, to cry and to laugh, to enjoy life and to suffer pain. What are we dealing here with, the Dark Ages? And by saying that the Jews ridiculed, and spat on him as he walked to Goltatha, you are digging contradictions in the NT, because nothing of what you say was true. The Jews would hardly do those things to one of their own who had come to confirm the most important thing to a Jew, which is God’s Law. (Mat. 5:19) **

I normally do not respond to Ben, because he posts so disingenuously and mockingly, but I feel it is important to point out that you posts are so full of error that they cannot be reconciled with reality. So little of what you say is true that what tiny kernels of thruth that are in your posts you twist into falsehoods. There is no evidence to support what you assert. As for your understanding of Jewish customs, because you falsify what is in the Bible and what the Church teaches to support your perspectives, you cannot be considered a credible or believeable source for the things you claim to know.

In short, nobody here believes what you say. If you have to make false assertions and false statements to support your opinion, then your opinion is not worth supporting.

He is clearly being provocative and insincere, deliberately obnoxious. What is the motive for that? He will heed no warning of the danger he creates for himself. He comes looking for trouble, trying to start trouble by ridicule and mockery. In it he finds some perverted sense of satisfaction.

The interesting about this is that you cannot use the Scriptures to refute what I say. My assertions are well documented with Scriptural evidences.

Apparently, this poster does not understand te concept of "that does not digniy a response. Beyond acknowledging this post, I will not give a serial liar the attention he/she/it so desperately craves.

And yes, this poster may well be an “it”.

Ben, when you attack God like this, you’re playing with fire.

Quite literally! :thumbsup:

Two things: First, you lack all sense of Scholarship. And second, I thought that ad hominem was forbidden in this Forum. I could answer you in kind but by doing so, I would be making of myself another like you. I hope you will apologize and reconsider that you have offended a member of the same Faith of Jesus, which was Judaism.

**Two things for you too: First, Jesus was not God, but a Jew. And a Jew cannot be God. That’s idolatry. And second, the opposite is true. I am not the one who attacks Jesus. I rather honor his name as a honorable religious Jewish man, and not as a Greek demigod. **

Quite superstitiously!

Quoted for truth.

I don’t believe Ben is really Jewish because of some things he has said. He never stated what kind of Jew he was, which makes me skeptical. I think if anybody were to ask a Rabbi about what Ben is saying in any post, the Rabbi would vehimently deny such teachings were legitimately kosher.

I have said here more than several times: I am undenominational. I go to the Synagogue closest to my place. It doesn’t matter the kind. If I had to name my kind of Judaism, it would be Biblical Judaism.

Public sexual foreplay is beautiful for you? :eek:

**Please, don’t spoil the momentum! Are you going to tell me you don’t find beautiful and entertaining, when you see a couple kissing each other in public?

Your criticism above of public sexual foreplay was exactly what went through the mind of that certain Simon who invited Jesus to have dinner with him and that woman came in to anoint and kiss Jesus. He was scandalized that Jesus would allow it to happen. He probably did not know that she was Jesus wife. (Luke 7:36) **

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