For Catholic converts, were you nondenominational or not before you converted?


I started another thread for nondenominational Protestants. Now here’s one for those of you who are Catholic. Before you converted, were you nondenominational Protestant? If you were, why did you not belong to a denomination?


I was not nondenominational.


Not nondenominational. I grew up wavering between atheist and agnostic until I was 25. I started my foray into Christianity as a Lutheran (ELCA). Three years ago I became Catholic. I love it!


I was Assemblies of God for 20 years, returned to the Episcopal Church of my youth and then enterd the Catholic Church, 20 years ago this Easter Vigil–thanks be to God!

Non-denominational churches were just getting a foothold when I left the AoG. Only recently have they become so popular in the USA.


I was born and raised in the World Wide Church of God, considered a cult by most Christians. We later joined the United Methodist Church when I was 8. Now, 9 years later I found the truth of the Catholic faith and could never be happier. Only 1 more day until I can receive the most Holy Eucharist. :smiley:

In Pax Christi


I first came to Christianity at around age 25 thru watching what became CBN while I was attending military training in Virginia Beach. I fluttered around, reading several pop books of the day, like those of Hal Lindsay, but never joined a church, or even attended any churches regularly. Because I was moving every four or five months in those days, it was hard to think about a “church home” but I certainly never thought about a denomination.

About a year later, I did join a church, in San Francisco, called Voice of Pentecost, a member of the United Pentecostal Church. I was water baptized in that church, and was a member for a few months, until the Jonestown catastrophe, at which time I left it, and also stopped thinking about Jesus for a few years. The People’s Temple of San Francisco was just a few blocks from where I lived, and I saw some similarities between that cult, and the one I was in, in terms of personalities. I don’t want to demean the fine people of UPC, but this particular church family just got too weird for me.

A few years later I re-converted, this time into non-denominationalism, and stayed there for a few years, until the group I was in fractured over doctrinal arguments, at which time I started to see the light of Catholicism, and made the move.


Congratulations! Welcome home. :slight_smile:




I was a Baptist. At the time I was in conversation with a very good Catholic nun. I was considering the Catholic church and I had a definite pull by the Grace of God in that direction. I talked to the Baptist pastor about it and he quit pointedly said “I think the Catholic Church will lead you to hell” Well, that was the worst thing he could have said to me. It definitely sealed the deal. I became a Catholic by the Grace of God.


I was born and brought up SDA. Rejected that at 18 and considered becoming an athiest but I couldn’t make myself believe that there was no God. I didn’t practice anything for a long time, briefly attended some non denom youth events with someone I worked with. When I got married at 25 we went “Church Shopping”. We tried Babtist, and United Methoidist and finally started attending an Episcopal church. Attended for 4 years before converting to the Catholic Church.


Raised liberal Protestant (15 years)

Born-again/Plymouth Bretheren in college then Evangelical Protestant with stints as Calvinist, Arminian, Dispensationalist, Charismatic and everything in between at some point. (total 25 years)

Worked on local level with CBN and Prison Fellowship.

After looking for “early Church” I overshot the runway (for me) by converting to Eastern Orthodoxy (12 years).

Finally investigated Catholicism and resonated with the neoplatonism of St. Augustine, the use of english at Mass, the opportunities to serve others, the sense of community and being accepted, driving 5 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes each way to Church and that indescribable feeling of being where I belong.

After 53 years, this is the end of the road. I’ve “been there, done that” throughout most of Christianity and Catholicism is different and special. If I’d only known…


I considered myself non-Denominational (or Non-Denom as most teenagers around here called it) though I attended an Assembly of God church. Went straight from that to Catholic when I ‘officially’ set in stone my beliefs, and was discovered by the Catholic Church! (A Catholic friend told me my position was Catholic as I debated a Jehovah’s Witness in school).

Easter Vigil, and my Confirmation, is tonight at 8:00!


I was nondenominational growing up because my mother is Baptist and my father is Methodist and they couldn’t agree. So we went to a “Christian” church. However, I became a Methodist when I was 21 and practiced that faith until I felt God’s call to join His true church.

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