For Catholics: I learned the Gospels of Jesus Christ by praying the Rosary


This is for all Catholics. As a cradle Catholic, my family pray the rosary every first Friday. I was very young at the time about 8 or 9. I did not know the Bible nor read it. When my family prayed the rosary and mediating the Mysteries, Joyful Mystery, Sorrowful, Glorious, (there was no Luminous yet since I was 8 when I started praying with my family).

After praying the rosary I was introduced indirectly about the Gospel and teaching of Jesus Christ.

I guess Fr Corapi was right. The Rosary is the Gospel prayer.

Anyone else noticed this?


Yes Manny I agree, and everytime I pray the Rosary I learn a little more. It’s actually quite shocking to me sometimes how “much” more there is to the Gospels than I “thought” I knew. Praise God.


I go to Sunday school at my parish. It’s a Bible study. Currently we are studying Paul’s Epistles to Philippians, Colossians, and Ephesians. But our next Bible study is going to be about the Mysteries of the Rosary. I am excited because we will get in-depth about the Bible verses that correspond to each Mystery. Luminous is included too.


The Rosary is an awesome prayer - Since I am aware of its important and what it is all about, I don’t want to let a day go by without praying the Rosary.


Lak, Ed Sri wrote a wonderful book on the rosary titled, “The Rosary in Scripture”. It’s a brief bible study of each of the mysteries. I heartily endorse it to someone who wants to become more familiar to this awesome prayer.

Also, saying the Rosary daily brought me to attend daily mass. The Rosary is a wonderful gift of God to His Church!!!


For many years I never cared much for the Rosary, then JPII came out with the Luminous Mysteries and I was enlightened by the realization that the Mysteries were a short course of the Gospels from beginning to end. Now I try to say it everyday. It has been a wonderful experience.


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