For Catholics in AZ, UT, CO, WY, ID, NM and nearby states



I live on the east coast. For the last few summers, my family and I have gone out west for vacation. We love the states of AZ, UT, CO, WY, ID and NM for the clean and drier air, the blue sky, the night stars and of course, the scenery and recreation opportunities such as hiking and biking, etc…

So if you live in one of these states (or are familiar with them), where is a great place to live for a Roman Catholic family or for a retired RC couple (looking farther out) that not only offers the above things, but also has a strong Catholic (although perhaps small) community.




I was recently visiting WY, and Jackson Hole had a very beautiful church and strong community (Our Lady of the Mountains). I even saw Franciscans in their habits walking around–and the scenery is very, very beautiful too!


Whoops, I also forgot to include Montana!!


Thank you Genesis. The Tetons are one of my favorite areas!


I love our parish in east Mesa, AZ! All Saints is a thriving, growing parish (in fact we are fundraising to build a new church because we have outgrown the one we have). It is a good mix of retired folks and young families, and we have a pastor who is traditional and orthodox and runs the church that way. And our bishop is also traditional and orthodox, a very holy and compassionate man.

Mesa is a town founded by Mormons and there are still lots of them here, I think they are the majority. But we have a thriving Catholic population, and I am really happy with our parish. We feel like we have found a home here.

Check it out:

And if you like mountains, we are right up against the beautiful Superstitions. We have sunrises and sunsets like no other place in the world.


I live in Iowa, but our family went on vacation to New Mexico after my husband and I both read Willa Cather’s book “Death Comes to the Archbishop”. It’s an excellent historical fiction about the early Spanish missionaries of what is now NM. Anyway, we rented a home near Taos. We attended Mass at San Francisco de Assis in the town. It’s a town that has attracted many artists so it has that eclectic feel to it, but we enjoyed the people and the Catholic influence of the whole area. Santa Fe is also very nice. I’d like to retire there, but it’s bound to get a lot more expensive there in the next 10 years or so. I can dream though!


Thanks for the info, duskyjewel. I love the mountains. I have never been as far south as Phoenix. We were recently at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. That was a real treat! Since I am an easterner, I had never really heard of Mesa. I am amazed to find out that it is one of the top 40 cities in population. Hopefully, we can venture to the area in the next few years and check it out.


Hi Teresa. Thank you for the reply. I know a priest that retired to New Mexico and he loves it there, especially the climate. We were in Sante Fe about twenty years ago and really liked it there, but we did not go to Taos. I will keep that in mind.


I have lived in Colorado for all of my life and absolutely love it!!! As of now, both the diocese of Colorado Springs and the Archdiocese of Denver have great bishops!!! I love the little parish in Woodlands Park, CO which has perpetual adoration. This is a beautiful area about 45 minutes outside of Colorado Springs and up in the mountains. Areas like Montrose and Grand Junction are also beautiful, but right now they are under a more liberal bishop. He should be retiring in about 1-2 years, and we are all praying that we will get a very orthodox bishop!!! God bless you!!!


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