for Catholics who are witnesses wanting to leave the watchtower organization


hi all,

i posted on my blog this morning an important topic about the divinity of Christ. then it got me to thinking of all those witnesses who are Catholic and want to leave the falsetower.

As you all know, iam a former witness myself. yes, i have a lot to say about them, but i will condense it here. i know alot of ex witnesses, and have read jeff and his wife’s account over at catholicxjw. and its a powerful account to say the least!

never the less, there are still so many, many Catholics trapped in that belief that want to leave, or are afraid to leave because of the heavy control tactics that the society uses. in short, they fear eternal annihilation by God if they dare to leave the [Moderator Removed uncharitable comment][Watchtower].

in case we run across such Catholics here, i have good news for you! you WONT be eternally annihilated by God if you leave the watchtower organization! there is hope for all who want to leave but are afraid to do so.

first of all, you wont be punished for leaving by God. God is not going to hold it against you forever if you leave. that is a common fear tactic that the society uses to get the witnesses to stay in line with them. that is also emotional blackmail as well. they use God to enforce their belief, and that is utterly despicable.:mad:

they have no right to use God in such a manner, and by the way, they WILL be held accountable by God for their using Him in this manner, so be rest assured they cannot tell you that you will be eternally condemned if you leave. or even if you want to read Catholic material. they do not have a right to presume what the heavenly Father does, or does not do.

another peace of good news for you, yes, there are support groups out there for people who have or are contemplating leaving the society and want to start over. yes, there IS life and hope beyond the falsetower!

a member here, jeff schwehm can help you on your road back to the True Faith, the Catholic faith. he can also help you to get proper information about the society and all the false doctrines and lies that they teach. Jeff has his own website that has a wealth of information on it. Catholicxjw

i also want to recommend a book for you, or even for Catholics who are ex witnesses and already back in the True Faith, it is a book called, “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses” by Jason Evert. that book is a fabulous book, and i cannot recommend it enough!
it was given to me in 2005, and i was absolutely glued to it even though i had already come back to the faith 2 years earlier, and had left the society long before that. you can buy Jason Evert’s book here at : Amazon

one other thing too, we have an enormous amount of support for you here at CAF. you will be supported by members who have never been in the witness belief, and ones who have.there is an enormous support system here for anyone! i myself have found it here in abundance!

so yes, don’t forget, there is life beyond the watchtower organization, and if you have left already, or contemplating leaving, be you Catholic or not, i congratulate you on your road to discovery and being free. God bless you!


What a fantastic post! Full of hope, possibility, and peace. :thumbsup: God bless YOU for sharing Christ in such a loving, edifying way. :heart:


rather, God bless those that reply here, and those that chose to come to know Jesus Christ. thank you:)



Well im catholic and have been my whole life but about years ago my sister became a witness because she was in a vulnerable stage and aparently fell “in love” with a boy who was a witness. IT was very hard on us for a long long time and she moved out and our family would have discussions with her which eventually turned into arguments.

Well long story short she lives with us now but still a witness and we never talk about it anymore. It stil bothers me a whole lot. I still sometimes cry at nite because that’s my older sister who i look up to and its sad that i can’t come to her when it comes to my faith.

Which bring me to my next point. My sister has i guess what’s called a study and she’s had her for about 2 yrs now and me and her study are the same age and have become best friends. She is not catholic or anything in that matter but she asked me a while back if she could go to church with me just for the experience.

I"m afraid my sister would get mad at me if i take her to church although my friend said that my sister told her to go ahead and try it out.

I"m just confused and scared. I have never been in this situation before and i don’t want to start anything. I guess im just askin wat you opinion is on this. Being a former witness and all.

thank you very much!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I think you are wise to be very cautious. Why don’t you talk to your priest? He will be happy to assist you.

I think that Catholics often feel they need a priest only twice a week; for confession and for Mass. But priests are never too busy to offer good council in difficult or delicate situations. Take advantage of the wonderful training and compassion you priest has.

PS. I have never been nor am I now a Witness. :wink:


I do think the Church should consider a ministry specifically for these people. Of all those who come for RCIA/Confirmation classes, the ones who spent time as JWs are the most damaged, have the most issues, and need the most pastoral care. If any of you know a good link to a site, support group, discussion forum for former JWs returning Catholic or becoming Catholic, that you can recommend (as being more helpful than hurtful) I would be very interested.


Jeff and Kathy Schwehm have started an Apostolate for XJWs. A real one, not a virtual online one. go to the website reccommended above to find out about it.


I, too, belong to Catholicxjw. As Ravyn suggested: check us out.


Hi All:

My name is Jeff Schwehm. My wife, Kathy, and I started the Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for a few reasons.

One was to help former JWs come home to the Catholic Church.

Another reason was to help former JWs who are now Catholic to network with one another and to support one another in our Christian walk given our common religious background.

And a third reason was to teach Catholics how to share their faith effectively with their JW friends and relatives.

Anyone needing help with dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses is more than welcomed to contact me, using the e-mail link in my profile

You can also visit our website at

Jeff Schwehm
The Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

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