For Christ and his Church


The competition for “Best Religion Blog” at Blogger’s Choice Awards started off with an ATHEIST blog far in the lead.

Catholics took notice and have now pushed far ahead of the atheists. Please go sign up to vote for Catholic blogs. You may vote for as many as you like.

Such a competition is not of great value except in the potential for drawing attention to Christ and his Church through the publicity that Catholic blogs received.


Actually, not a blog, but I have been to an atheist forum that taught me more about religion than Christian sites. Many were ex-pastors, knew Greek and Hebrew, knew Historical Analysis, Exegesis, Apologetics, etc.

I would recommend it, except that someone weak in their faith may be lead astray by the clever questions posted there. I got so addicted to the debate that I had to disable my account. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was there for instance that I learned that the RCC accepts evolution as an acceptible origin of man. No Catholic I asked in real life except for one priest had heard such a thing! (His answer was “of course”, now read these books on historical analysis).

The best way to deal with militant atheists is to either use them to sharpen your own faith, or ignore them. There’s no fight to be won with them. They want opposition so they can justify grouping together to fight the “oppressive” Christian Right. Ignoring is like taking the wind out of their sails. Madeleine O’Hare would have been a nobody if people just ignored her.

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