For Christ said this:


For Christ said this:

Pray inwardly,
Though you sense nothing
Though you see nothing
Though you think you can achieve nothing
For in dryness and in barrenness
In sickness and in feebleness
Then is your prayer completely pleasing to me
Though it seems to give you little pleasure
And so all your living is prayer in my eyes.

From Julian of Norwich


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. I needed to see it… because I’m just getting over a bad chest cold; and have some worries, concerning a friend who has just suffered the death of a loved one.

These words have helped me, greatly. Question: Is she canonized yet?


I just checked Wikipedia and a quick glance brought no mention of her canonization or beatification to me.


Thank you, Holly. I couldn’t find anything on her “status” either. But the prayer is beautiful, nonetheless. God bless.


Her saint’s day is May 13.
This link says she was beatified:


She was not canonised and in fact was never even officially beatified. She was informally called Blessed.


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