For discerning my priesthood

I also pray you (like Mannyfit75 did) to remember me in your prayers. I’ll be discerning my priesthood at least for the next year and already now I know it will be a tough fight. Thank you very much for both of us!

**Zemi you are in my prayers:gopray2: **

Thank you very much Nordar!

In my prayers!

Zemi, I am praying for you. What would we do without our priests? God bless you.

Thanks a lot, you’re all very kind… :grouphug:


zemi…you are always in my prayers since we have met on the longest conversation thread…I pray that God guides you to His calling…whatever vocation that may be…may he make it crystal clear for you:hug1: :gopray:

Thank you, my friends… :grouphug:

You will be in my prayers.

Zemi. You’re in my prayers. :gopray2:

God Bless a man discerning the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Priests are remarkable men. I have a friend, now a priest. I worked for my church over two years. I went thru my own discernment…nun or not to nun. It is a very complex process. My prayers are with you. Just know that all that we do for our faith is beautiful…and take the time to hear the whisper of God in the noise of our world. You will be shown what you are to do.

Pax vobiscum

Thank you Serviam,

thank you Stitch,

thank you meanolemelissa - and thanks for your advice

zemi, thank you. Thank you for considering a life that sustains my soul through the priesthood of Christ. The sacrifice is great, but the rewards are inumerable. Even better than giving your mom a coupon for 15% off any purchase at Bath and Body Works. Cos that’s rough…their lotions smell nice…and last a long time…and it’s pricey…so a coupon helps…just saying…

Oh, hominy! I like nice smelling lotions, spritzes and shower soaps. I feel I derailed here…

Good luck zemi.


I’ll pray for you as well,Zemi.However,i think you will need to
acquire a thick skin.Not everyone will appreciate you.

Thank you
–> meanolemelissa
–> Gladys
–> burnside - sure, I’m aware of that! Look at my sig :wink: :slight_smile:

Will put you in my rosary intentions

God bless you, mahleh, thank you

Bless you, the priesthood is a long hard road. The fact that you are willing to go and do it shows fortitude and grit. We (being the general Catholic public) thank you for making the effeort.

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