For Doc... Urgent Prayer Needed!

Hi everyone. Could you all please pray for David’s room mate’s Grandpa? His nickname is Doc. I don’t know his real name. He has given up on life and has stopped eating or drinking. He apparently hasn’t eaten or drank in days. He is going to the hospital now and may already be there. Please pray that he survives or please pray that God’s will is done.

Praying …


~~ the phoenix


In the Living Prayer of my life

Ok everyone, I think I was wrong. First of all, I think it was his room mate’s dad, not his grandpa. Second of all, they ended up not going to the hospital. I’ll keep you all updated as more updates become available.

I hope that Doc will regain his will to live and will pray daily for him…

Thank you. I appreciate this as I am sure David and his room mate does as well.

Praying for him…

I pray that this Jesus may enshroud this man with his unfaltering warmth and love and give him the strength and desire to continue his walk here on earth if God will it.


Holy Spirit,

guide this man to seek life and good counsel. We invite your Divine Mercy into this situation.

Through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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